For sure we are getting energy from fracking - lots. Is it bad? This piece put together by a law firm says fracking is bad for property values. Is it true?

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This is another of those areas where I don't hear about mishaps, but many preach fear.

What am I missing? Can anyone help me with science and facts and expertise and shit?

I read a pretty good article in National Geographic about a year ago that talked about actual problems with fracking in a town in Iowa. Contaminated well water, many problems with basic infrastructure (when the bonanza begins), some minor property damage and many social problems that come along with rig workers (prostitution, drugs and violence). These were all reported problems...not just potential concerns.

The most basic place to start learning about things is the wikipedia page:

While the articles themselves are about 90-95% dependable...on these pages you'll find in the references section many links to articles and reports about the real life problems that come along with fracking. Why don't you check them out yourself and do some of your own research?

We could keep giving you all the information you ask for...or we can show you how to find this information yourself.

We will squeeze every last bit of hydrocarbon from the earth if it kills us. With clean tidal, wind, solar, and even wave power all around us, we are frackin stupid.

I read somewhere a US household averages 1KW of power. One "PowerBuoy" wave power station generates 150KW. Oh but the rich people living on the beaches (using tax money to keep their houses on dry sand) don't want such an eyesore from their giant picture windows.

I've heard that it will be expensive to stop using fossil fuel, so it's a very attention-getting idea. 

So, drastic measures?

It is really get rich quick scheme used by business etc.

Well, they don't bleep "fracking" on Battlestar Galactica, so I guess it must be good!

Man, I had a model of the good guy fighter jet and the Cylon, warped disc fighter plane.

I think the real question is whether there is any method of fossil fuel recovery that doesn't have a downside.

I'm not dismissing the possibility that dramatic measures might need to be taken.

I guess I'm just seeking recognition that the dramatic changes being proposed are in fact dramatic.

"Is fracking bad?"

Only if it was a bad frack, a good frack is good, sometimes fracking good, sometimes damn fracking good, occasionally doG damn fracking good, and on those rare occasions fabulously FRACKING GOOD.


If fracking occurs in an area where underground aquifers or homeowner wells are adjacent there is the risk of eventual contamination. Once the "company secret" chemical(s) laden fracking water migrates into a potable water source the deal is done. Although the ground levels of fracking is supposedly performed well below the natural aquifers and wells of homeowners/small towns I would not rest easy if they were in my area. You can view videos on Youtube of homeowners actually lighting the water exiting their kitchen faucet after a fracking phuckup. The royalties paid to property owners doesn't seem to be worth the risk. Man has a propensity for discovering new ways to render our environment useless, aka Chernobyl.


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