Is Donald Trump in the early stages of Alzheimer's?

Recently, I asked myself if the man I refer to as DAFFY DUCKTAIL DON (aka The Trumpster, The Teflon Don, or simply The Donald) might be suffering some form of dementia, perhaps Alzheimer's disease. 

He's mastered ways of steering discussion away from unpleasant topics (so as not to have to discuss them), of short-circuiting verbal attacks (by talking over them with "excuse me" repeatedly until the other party relents, for example).

Apparently not fully grasping conservative set piece political topics (abortion, gun control, etc.).

Increasingly, seeming to be totally out of it (coming to Scotland the morning after Brexit and hardly talking about it at all, other than noting how a plummeting Pound will help his business). 

Running for President while becoming sidetracked by non-campaign issues like criticizing the judge handling his Trump "University" case for being a "Trump hater." This shows a distressing lack of focus as well as an inability to prioritize. 

His children had to basically stage a family intervention to get him to dump his original campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, who many regard as incompetent to run a national campaign, overly brusque with staffers and volunteers, and generally toxic to the campaign effort.

His antics actually have some prominent Republicans saying that, with regrets, they will have to leave the party and in some cases even vote for Hillary Clinton. Just Friday, famed Conservative thinker, author, and columnist George Will said he can no long be a Republican.

At first, I wondered if I was alone, but a little goodling turned up others wondering the same thing: Is Donald Trump medically fit to be President in a mental health sense?

I'm waiting for someone to really bring this to national attention. Not Clinton, for that will seem self-serving. It would best be brought up by a fellow Republican of the #NeverTrump ilk.

Some articles:

Maybe Donald Trump has really lost his mind: What if the GOP frontr...

Is Donald Trump Suffering From Delusional Senile Dementia?


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Just Friday, famed Conservative thinker, author, and columnist said he can no long be a Republican.

Which one?

Fixed. George Will.


For what its worth, most conservatives find George Will to be not very conservative, except by comparison to anyone else the major media turns to for commentary.  He's the token "conservative" they run so they can claim not to be biased.

However...the sentiment is common.

Don't ya think onset of Alzheimer's is marked by a change? Has Trump changed?

a) Maybe the onset was REALLY early.

b) Actually, I think he WAS more coherent earlier on, especially if he actually did write The Art of the Deal.

He just doesn't know what the fuck he is talking about, and uses bullying tactics to deflect the attention towards him that tries to demand further inquiry because he knows he will look stupid if ever made to answer any "real" questions.

If you've read the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy series, Trump seems the personification of Zaphod Beeblebrox.


If he has a second head, it's invisible. Sneaky.

Except that Zaphod had some redeeming qualities.

Good articles [although the third is mostly a redundant rehash of the first]. I've always wished an interviewer would ask (right after a rambling response) "do you remember the question I just asked?".

I hadn't thought of dementia until you brought it up. I think that it's more his real personality than dementia, but even so, we're all at great risk of perhaps not being able to tell if/when he gets real dementia before it's way too late to reverse something terrible he's done!

donald trump is an actor and his purpose is to determine just what this country is willing the see and listen to -- is there allowed to be a new normal that looks and sounds the way he does? or the way hillary clinton does, also an actor

all of the politicians, actors, are doing nothing on their own and they have groups of people behind them on various issues some more coherent than others when looked at one after another

a lot of people are not participating inside the institution where voting happens for this reason

to say not voting is voting is not agreeing with me

all of the politicians, actors, are doing nothing on their own

Do we elect our officials to do stuff on their own?


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