Hey guys, to start off this discussion, I want to know if it really is prejudice to dislike religious people.

I bring this up because when I went to talk with my former psychology teacher, who is also an atheist, about how people are so submissive to religion, he said that I was prejudice and need to resolve it. What the hell is that supposed to mean? Am I really being prejudice because their beliefs are based on zero evidence and they make other people, especially children, follow their beliefs with little to no choice? I've been a Christian for about up to the point where I was 15 and began to really question my beliefs. I was never all that religious in the first place because I hated praying, going to church, and reading the bible. It always bothered me why it was so important for people to give so much time and money to something that's only justified by dreams and eye-witness testimonies. Also, if their beliefs were so obviously true, there would be no need for teaching it because then everyone would literally have an equal chance to accept it (which most of the world wouldn't have that chance).

 There are many reasons amongst this as why I dislike religion and the religious. My teacher is cool and all, but some things he says doesn't make sense. It's almost as if he has his mind in a calm cube trying to box everything in so nothing can phase him (I guess that's expected out of a psychology teacher who is willing to remove as many of their own psychological "flaws" as possible). I personally believe that I have good reasons why I don't like religion and believers are supporting something that is nothing but mostly lies and is detrimental to the potential of each individual. My sister gives 10% of her money to "God" when she should really be saving it so she could move out of the house like she wants to, as an example. Then you have extremes like Sharia Law that is ridiculous on all levels.

So again, is it really prejudice to judge religion? This doesn't mean I'm ugly to religious people, in fact, I'm very nice to them just like anybody else and talk to more of them than any other kind of person *due to the high population of religious people). But I think us skeptics mostly have very valid reasons for believing what we do more so than any believer out there. We rely on rationality, reasoning, and evidence which are key in understanding the entire moral implications of a situation, not merely just by how we feel about something. I wouldn't say anything if they didn't give me a reason to. But to me, being against religion is like being against anything like cocaine because it can really mess your head up and it's hard to get away from once you're pulled into it. But of course even though some people are more professional or even at the top of the line, if they do cocaine, they are still crack heads nonetheless.

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Speaking for myself, I try not to dislike people. I might hate what they say or do, but I distinguish the person from the act or remark. I feel better inside, so my reasons are actually selfish. As a benefit, escalations are less likely.

The term 'prejudice' has lost specific meaning, so I wouldn't get too worried about terms or categories for that matter.


I have a hard time understanding what it means to distinguish between the person and what the person says or does. 

Is it not true that a persons acts or remarks make that person who they are?  

Prejudice means pre-judgment. So, it depends upon what judgment you make. There really are few judgments you can make based only upon them being religious. In my experience, Christians are a remarkably diverse group just like almost any other group of humans. You can't even conclude that they are stupid for believing in a fantasy. Believe it or not, there are brilliant scientists and philosophers who count themselves as Christian. Perhaps they have a blind spot when it comes to religion or perhaps they have a highly developed rationalization. Many of them actually do good in the world.

I've always felt this way. I feel somewhat bad for having this absolute cold shoulder to those who are Christian, or of any faith, that are SUPPOSE to shove it down your throat. It truly disgusts me. For my job, I have to attend church every single Sunday. Do you know how bad I just want to yell and rant and rave and throw a science book at their faces? *sigh*

I'm nice to anyone and everyone who is nice to me. They have a right to believe in what they please but I do wish they'd educate themselves more on science and evolution and stop saying that "Jesus" was a white man who is going to save us all from our own sins and so on and so forth.
I will. Soon enough :) why would being black have played a part? My fiance is black lol

I find it interesting how blacks and hispanics can be such dedicated theists. After all, historically, those two cultures in particular had to experience religion crammed down their throat by westerners. I think it says a lot about humanity's tendency to fall prey to forced belief systems, and because of that, I intentionally maintain a little extra empathy for their circumstances, both past and present.

Oh, okay. I never realized that. :) 

Me too!  I am the pianist at a local church and I am mentally pulling my hair out at some of the things the pastors are saying and at some of 'praise songs' that are sung.  

Just once I want to see a praise song about something in the old testament, that would be hilarious.  But it's all about God is Good, God is Love...knowing that it might be somewhat unharmful to eachperson...but then knowing the incredible lie and deception that the indoctrination puts into the world makes me look at Christians and their religion with distaste.  

Funny side point is that I actually respect the Christians that have the more literalist view of the bible and who don't cherry pick and who outright state that God truly is not all loving and good when you read the old testament.  They have read the book and have conviction.  

...I actually respect the Christians that have the more literalist view of the bible...

Are they also into eschatology? I guess that could be entertaining, except (for me) during political discussions.

No they are not.  Rarely will this subject be brought up and I remember the only time it was was when the pastor was making fun of Christians who professed to believe they knew when the end times would come...you know, cause only God can know that!

I instantly dislike any and all evangelists, local or national. They assume they know something the rest of us do not. They have some special relationship to god and the universe.  I enjoy it when they fail. And they always seem to fail big, don't they?


I think you're missing out on a lot of lovely religious people out there. People who make personal sacrifices in the pursuit of their faith. I like people who think about their moral lives. It's not like all atheists do that, far from it.


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