I'm finding that more often than not debating with people is becoming rather frustrating. I'm talking about debating with Atheists as well, not just Theists, just people in general are fucking retarded. For ex: The arguments are usually fallacious and the person trying to argue there point is debating for the wrong reasons. They only wish to win an argument, they have no intentions of looking at my side of the debate and say "Yeah, I understand your point of view, but I disagree with you". There's no respect and little maturity about it. And I think the keyword here is understanding.


How can two people with completely separate views, agree to disagree? I mean I've tried my best to debate with people, I really have. But not too many people know how to back up there arguments, or even say something remotely intelligent. It's always something completely ignorant and obnoxious like "Fuck you". 


So, I am familiar with these fallacies but would be interested if others could list a few common fallacies as well. Or even give your advice on how I should cope with everyday people who just want to argue for the sake of winning. I just feel like expressing my opinions is becoming sort of this empty void if nobody takes anything seriously (Someone inspire me so I don't go cry in a dark room, write poetry, and slit my wrists\sarcasm). 


Fallacies I'm familiar with:

Ad hominem- Personal attacks.

Strawman- Misrepresentation of position.

Slipper Slopes-Coming to a conclusion with no prior evidence.

Circular reasoning (Not sure if it's a fallacy, but it's still a piss off none the less). 



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I don't debate unless I am asked a question.  If someone at work says they are going to Church on Sunday, I don't start telling them they are losing a lovely Sunday to a delusional belief.  I don't go out of my way to hurt or offend people I love or work with as that is not prudent or productive in my opinion.


However if someone has a political or social argument that religion is the basis for, I insist they debate it without using the Bible; such as homosexuality, marriage, abortion, social justice, scientific theory etc.  If they cannot muster a logical argument without the support of the Bible then they do not have an arguement.


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