A Cool Look At Global Warming by Philip R. Wood.


I'm a believer of climate change and this presentation was brought to my attention. I've since searched the web for some reply or reaction debunking it and have turned up nothing.

Could this guy be right? Is climate change nothing more than the earth regulating its atmosphere and does global warming really pose no threat to us?

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The main point this guy seems to be saying is that carbon dioxide emissions are negligible. He lauds the positive benefits of co2, saying that its a non toxic gas and that reducing its levels would cause environmental harm.

In defining climate change he states the decreasing global temperature over the past decade, both polar ice caps increasing,etc.

Am I missing something here? Shouldn't these be completely opposite?
Thanks! Those are brilliant. Perhaps these arguments are so baseless that no none bothers with them. Still, it's nice to have a list of rebuttals at hand.

I really don't buy into the climate change 'movement' but I do know that we are pissing in our own corn flakes.  I think Canada has more fresh water than any other country, yet at any given time there are over 1000 communities on 'boil water alerts' - meaning their municipalities can't even provide them with water that is safe for drinking.  Some of the most massive rivers on the planet have become veritable sewage canals, the rain forest is disappearing, and the air in some major North American cities can occasionally incapacitate the elderly or infirm.


So regardless of how one mucks about with the equations of climate change, the human species has turned into the worst epidemic this ever to plague this planet.  I think we would do well to change our ways before that is our legacy.

He's just stating his opinion.  He is stating facts, but he's ignoring or left other facts that dispute or don't support his claim.  Whether climate change is happening or not, I'm of the opinion that we should strive for cleaner environment.  CO2 is an naturally occurring gas, but the core samples from the ice show the current levels to be extremely high.  The oceans pH value is lowering, becoming more acidic.  There is a very real threat that the lower pH level could disrupt the oceans food chain.  Also, weather patterns could change and cause climates to change drastically.   


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