You all know how every religion has replaced or destroyed the previous religion throughout history. Do you think that Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, etc. are the last religion or is there one that is going to replace it?

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Sadly, I think humankind will go on creating deities for as long as it can.  However, eventually, I believe, if our species is even alive at the time, one day this planet will no longer be inhabitable for one or more reasons.  Unless we can find a way to survive long-term in some extra-planetary way, all gods will be dead.

It is amazing to me how theists cannot or do not see that humanity, life on Earth, and indeed the Earth itself, is fragile and transitory in the big scheme of things.  Where will their gods be when all life on Earth is wiped out?  Nowhere, just like they were before life arose here and developed enough to dream up deities in the first place.

All of the various religions will be "mythology" then, having come and gone in a micro-instant of geological time.  Makes you all warm and fuzzy, huh?


Well, to you're headline question..  Nope, Islam came after.  And then Mormanism.  Then 7th Day, and then Scientology..

I wish humanity was close to done, but, that doesn't seem to be the case..

Heck, if I ever get really desperate, I'll just become a prophet..  Easy money..  People will always buy it..

Of course, I can't see me being that desperate..

I don't think Islam, Christianity, Hinduism etc could be replaced with similar religions, not at all,, but they could be replaced with philosophy 'any kind of philosophy' because humanity now are moving forwards!

They began to reject these old religions and especially the Abrahamic ones..

Some people cant live without religion, so I have to say that religion could be replaced with what so called "spiritual philosophy" or "any kind of philosophy" but without believing in after life.



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