Since my living arrangements have changed over the last 2 months, for those of you that do not know I have moved back in with my parents due to my ma's cancer coming back to help take care of them.  Out of respect to my ma I take her to church because that seems to help her.  As I sit and listen to the sermon...well some of it when I am sitting there I usually get up go out in the lobby because I get tired of the lies that the preacher preaches.  But as I sat there today I was wondering is religion natural or unnatural?  Now the religious people would say of course it is because everyone craves spirituality.  They may ask didn't you crave it when you were a kid but I would reply with yeah but I was brainwashed into thinking there was a god, jesus, resurrection and so on and so on.  I see religion as not being natural because you have to teach children to be christians whereas to be a atheist does not have to be taught.  It makes sense to me....what do you fellow atheists think?

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I support your view that religion is unnatural,  especially when one considers that the major predictor of religion is geography.  It is learned from your social 'tribe'.  As to "everyone craves spirituality" argument I would disagree; everyone does not, look at the headlines.  If everyone craved spirituality, we would probably all be buddhists (certainly not christians or muslims!).  Besides, when you were a kid, you weren't craving spirituality, you were craving acceptance and approval, especially of loved ones.  You accepted what your authority figures told you was true.  Interestingly, a large number of atheists came to a nonbelief in the supernatural through thinking for themselves and rejecting what they were taught, because there was a total lack of evidence.  If they had not been 'brainwashed' as kids, but taught instead to be critical thinkers, very, very few would have become christians and how much more smoothly would the transition into independent adulthood have been.


I read somewhere years ago that RELIGION and PATRIOTISM are part parcel of this same survival mechanism.

Maybe there is hope we can evolve beyond these destructive traits.

Does it really matter if its natural or not? I don't understand why so many people believe that "natural" equals "good".  Something that is natural is something that occurs in nature.  Explosive diarrhea occurs in nature. Therefore, it is natural. I don't think anyone would ever describe explosive diarrhea as a good thing.  There are thousands of natural things that aren't good or beneficial. 
And that isn't even getting into the bit about everything being natural. After all, we have no evidence for the supernatural and everything in our universe came about via natural processes. Lots of cranes, no skyhooks.
Homosexuality is natural as it occurs in nature.
I always hated going to church.  Every Sunday morning would be a struggle between my parents and me to get me out of bed.  Now if religion is natural, why was I so unwilling to go and participate in it?  Religion is just another way to control people.


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