Father, Son, Holy Ghost (plus Mary for Catholics). 

We think of Hinduism as a polytheistic religion, yet many Hindus worship Shiva and view Ganesh, Hanuman, etc., as aspects of Shiva. Kali is Shiva's consort AND source of his power. When it comes time to destroy the world, Shiva becomes Kali the Destroyer of Worlds. 

What's the difference?

Looked at this way, Islam is a true monotheism, as is Zoroastrianism.

Christianity is better characterized as a polytheism along with the Greek and Roman religions, the Nordic religion, Hinduism, and Shintoism.

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I agree. Hard to follow a group that cannot count to 3 without screwing it up.

Chuckles, well Mary is the Mommy figure, God is the Daddy figure, Jesus is the son figure, and the Holy Ghost kind of floats around being spiritual and misty and stuff

Happy families!

Halloween's coming up.  Maybe I'll dress up as the holy ghost.

You could cut big holes in a white sheet and score a double as Swiss Cheesus and/or the Holey Ghost. I guess if you walked backwards in it you could even be a bit Farther.

(I'll go strangle myself now, shall I?)

One person could go as the Holy Ghost and their female partner could go as The Heavenly Hostess.

And someone could put peperoni on the face and chest and go as Job covered with boils.


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