Is belief in global warming much different than religion?

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Well, I guess we'll have to agree we see different things in my posts. I try to keep my replies as short and succinct as I can. I don't feel a compulsion to treat every single point the other party makes as a research project. This is just a discussion forum after all. There's little at stake. It's not like we're presenting our case in front of the Supreme Court.

Sometimes correlation is all you'll ever get. As yet, for example, we don't know the exact mechanism that makes cigarette smoke cause cancer in a percentage of smokers, and we also don't know why some smokers don't contract cancer.

Right. Many people smoke their whole lives and never get cancer. This is a fact, so to say that cigarette smoking causes cancer is misleading in my opinion.

Especially when you consider that other things cause cancer, the cause/ effect relationship is dubious.

There seems good evidence that global warming is happening and is caused by human kind. It is those that dismiss it so fervantly and on a flimsy basis that are akin to creationists. People like to please themselves and will construct often irrational arguments to maintain the status quo for self gratification. Whether it's bogus claims that allow otherwise good people to keep slaves or eat meat or buy goods from child sweatshops, self interest even amongst the religious wins hands down. Those that espouse a contrary view will continue to be vilified, likened to empty-headed creationists even, until the moral choice becomes so stark that it can't be ignored.

Hi John,

Thanks for the reply. I disagree with your juxtaposition. I think that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I like many have not come across evidence that seems extraordinary.


Where is the extraordinary claim?


Agnotology is my new word of the week. I can see it get good use on these forums. Thanks Gallup’s Mirror, I found it while reading the link to the Merchants of Doubt.      

Agnotology - thanks Reg!

It's a bit like misinformation and disinformation, isn't it?

I will tell you...

Don't be fools. Does Global Warming exists? Yes...? No...? It doesn't matter, we are making shit out of the word, undeniably mankind like to act without think on the other things, we are a selfish species.

The correct thing to do is to research first on the damage we can make to the world with our technology, we are very stupid because we don't care for something very important as is the health of our planet for not to mention hundreds of things.

Yet i think there is a good part of people that have common sense and think before act. However ignorance is Queen over here.


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