Is atheism predicated partially on the belief in evolution and the current prevailing views of science.

If so, then such a belief is subject to drastic changes as discoveries and theories

 have recently arose that shatter the paradigm that is the foundation of such a belief:

Discoveries keep pushing back the inception of civilization, indefinitely back in time

Evidence of coastal civilizations existing during the ice age are arising in now inundated coastal region due to rising seas.

The concept of a missing link is no longer postulated as a bush of hominids lineages walked  the earth. With what was once considered ancestors, actually being contemporary with postulated descendants. A bush of hominids actually existed as recently as 30,0000 B.C.E.

Though theories of evolution abound no working scientific model exists for the emergence of life.

Our very existence is interwoven with the anthropic principle. As such this has required scientist to postulate the multiverse to explain how the anthropic principle is mindlessly satisfied by nature. However this just substitutes one unfalsifiable believe for another.

In truth, Darwin's world has been shattered and the truth has become intractable. Even as we cope with dark matter and energy. Terms that falsely connote that we have defined them, when in fact they are no more apparent than God. As such new scientific theories continue to emerge based on the inadequacy of the standard model. This will continue into infinitum since, as God there is no means to detect these alleged entities with scientific instrumentation.

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Reg, this is a mere assertion and inference. It does not constitute an experiment proving the existence of dark matter. no experiment to date has succeeded. 

I ALWAYS skip Nelson's Sunday School - Nelson puts me to sleep faster than Melatonin.

God is constantly being disproven. Religion is constantly having to say more and more items in the dictionary are not meant to be literal.

Eventually religion will be gone forever. It will be a quaint memory of a belief our primitive ancestors had.

I think what will seal this will be when we have learnt enough about the human brain to prove that there is no such thing as souls. With every facet of our beings and consciousness being described by our biology religion will have zero legs to stand on. It will be forgotten entirely in the civilized world.

Despite the pagan concept of an immortal soul, it is not found in scripture. The pagan concept of Hell is not found also. Soul is the english rendering of the Hebrew Nephresh. This word simply refers  to a living being. In the New Testament, Martyrs that have received the regeneration and the Christ Mind, do have an element of immortality that survives the body. 

@Micheal - I'm still awaiting those peer reviewed articles that show evidence of your Bronze Age tribal animal-sacrifice deity.  Let's not lose focus here - I know your mind bounces around so I'll do my best to get you back on topic as often as possible.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of that which does not appear, by it, the elders received a good report of that which is to come.

Through faith, the world was form, Women receive their dead to them, Men brought down kingdoms and a nation wandered in the desert for forty years, prophets were sawed asunder. men close the heavens,  all these died not receiving the promise, but had a good report of that which is to come. For they testified by there action that they were  pilgrims and wanderers upon the earth and were citizens of a city to come.

Yes, Micheal, your slushy mind has sloshed again - now when were you going to explain to us how the old tribal animal-sacrifice deity better explains all empirical observations than anything modern science has put forward?

and "men received scourges of cruel mocking"-Hebrews

Right right - this is where you revert to cult-speak because you can't support your claims.  Have a nice day.

Heather, if  there were peer review papers proving the existence of God I would certainly present them and faith would not exist because it would be an established fact. And without faith it is impossible to please him. Is this a cultic concept, of cause it is. But Theist are left with no other resource. I have the argument of fulfilled prophecy, it at least convinced me. However such a paper would stand up to scientific scrutiny.But on the flip side, no paper can prove the Multiverse, which has become a tenant by physicist to dispel any prose from creationist.

So why can't you brain-dead creatards just accept that there is no basis in reality for your beliefs because your cult demands it be that way so you believe by faith alone?  Why do you have to waste everyone's time here trying to poke fallacious holes in scientific principals that have absolutely no basis in your epistemology?

If that was the case, why would it not mean that Moses, who according to the text had empirical evidence for God, did not please him?  


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