Is atheism predicated partially on the belief in evolution and the current prevailing views of science.

If so, then such a belief is subject to drastic changes as discoveries and theories

 have recently arose that shatter the paradigm that is the foundation of such a belief:

Discoveries keep pushing back the inception of civilization, indefinitely back in time

Evidence of coastal civilizations existing during the ice age are arising in now inundated coastal region due to rising seas.

The concept of a missing link is no longer postulated as a bush of hominids lineages walked  the earth. With what was once considered ancestors, actually being contemporary with postulated descendants. A bush of hominids actually existed as recently as 30,0000 B.C.E.

Though theories of evolution abound no working scientific model exists for the emergence of life.

Our very existence is interwoven with the anthropic principle. As such this has required scientist to postulate the multiverse to explain how the anthropic principle is mindlessly satisfied by nature. However this just substitutes one unfalsifiable believe for another.

In truth, Darwin's world has been shattered and the truth has become intractable. Even as we cope with dark matter and energy. Terms that falsely connote that we have defined them, when in fact they are no more apparent than God. As such new scientific theories continue to emerge based on the inadequacy of the standard model. This will continue into infinitum since, as God there is no means to detect these alleged entities with scientific instrumentation.

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You go from lecturing us on physics to 'Spititual warfare'. I think I have enough bothering you.

I do think allowing you a soap box here has been a very bad idea. Humoring you doublely so!

@Michael - RE: "No man has seen God at anytime"

Surely you jest! In Gen 18, he not only has lunch with him, he plays "Let's Make A Deal" with him in an effort to save Sodom and Gomorrah! Which, by the way, was destroyed by an earthquake that tossed burning bitumen into the air that fell back down onto roofs - after all, both cities lay on a major fault line that ran all the way from the Olduvai Gorge in Africa. god didn't even do that --

Is atheism predicated partially on the belief in evolution and the current prevailing views of science.

I assume this was meant to be a question? If so, I will now answer it: no. I was an atheist from birth and only learned about evolution in high school. Unfortunately, the rest of your post reads like gibberish, so I'll just leave it to others to deal with that.

Does there have to be a contradiction between Science and God?  If God made all of Creation then science is just finding out about Creation.  Does that really invalidate God? 

I believe science validates God and many scientist have the same sentiment

How many?

Michael – The notion that people choose to believe in Evolution is only something that Christians give any credence too. Evolution has nothing to do with a belief system and especially not in the sense that Christians use the word. Evolution is a matter of Understanding. This understanding comes from studying the subject. It also comes from being taught it properly which is something that fundamentalist schools cheat their children of. I suspect that this happens because they also misunderstand the meaning of the word “Theory”. Evolution is a Fact. It has stood up to the rigors of the Scientific Method and passed with flying colors. If anyone takes the time to study Evolution they will come to understand it and realise it is True. So when theists say they do not believe in Evolution they might as well say they do not believe the Earth is not flat.

Michael don’t you think the Anthropic principle depends on how you look at it?

I agree Reg.  I investigated Christianity and found it sorely lacking in reasonable explanations of anything relative to my life.  I learned more about evolution and found it makes perfect sense. 

I on the other hand have studied evolution for three decades. I find it raises more question than it answers. Moreover, new discoveries keep defeating Leakey's missing link hypothesis. Hominid evolution theory, therefore is a work in process and it's principles keep changing every few years. I have recorded it.

Michael - science continues to get more accurate as more information is obtained, unlike religion which refutes information in an attempt to maintain accuracy.  Even as it changes, all observations must be accounted for and that precludes radical paradigm shifts.  It doesn't matter how many new observations get added - the earth still goes around the sun and we can't 'unsee' that.

No amount of your lunacy is going to convince a group of rational people in the existence of a Bronze Age tribal sky deity that wants animals killed and their corpses burned in order to please him with that aroma so he'll provide success in battle.  As it is, the Jews have not been, historically, a successful fighting force; proving that Yahweh was as much bullshit then as he is now.

Heather, that is a casual observers rendering of what took place. 

I look for deeper meanings than that. The new testament expounds on these thing being mere shadows of everything fulfilled by Christ. He is the Passover Sacrifice, he is the show bread, He is the Holocaust offering. He is the Ark of the Covenant. etc. 

He WAS a Jew, who worshiped a tribal deity by doctrines that commanded the slaughter and burning of animals in order to create an odour that would be pleasing to that sky god.  You can look for all the meaning you like but you can't extract Christianity from those roots without pulling a Joseph Smith - and don't you forget it.  If you do, I'll remind you time and time again until you explain to us, clearly, just why even a person as deluded as yourself adheres to such ancient superstitions.


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