Is atheism predicated partially on the belief in evolution and the current prevailing views of science.

If so, then such a belief is subject to drastic changes as discoveries and theories

 have recently arose that shatter the paradigm that is the foundation of such a belief:

Discoveries keep pushing back the inception of civilization, indefinitely back in time

Evidence of coastal civilizations existing during the ice age are arising in now inundated coastal region due to rising seas.

The concept of a missing link is no longer postulated as a bush of hominids lineages walked  the earth. With what was once considered ancestors, actually being contemporary with postulated descendants. A bush of hominids actually existed as recently as 30,0000 B.C.E.

Though theories of evolution abound no working scientific model exists for the emergence of life.

Our very existence is interwoven with the anthropic principle. As such this has required scientist to postulate the multiverse to explain how the anthropic principle is mindlessly satisfied by nature. However this just substitutes one unfalsifiable believe for another.

In truth, Darwin's world has been shattered and the truth has become intractable. Even as we cope with dark matter and energy. Terms that falsely connote that we have defined them, when in fact they are no more apparent than God. As such new scientific theories continue to emerge based on the inadequacy of the standard model. This will continue into infinitum since, as God there is no means to detect these alleged entities with scientific instrumentation.

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Heather, if  there were peer review papers proving the existence of God I would certainly present them and faith would not exist because it would be an established fact. And without faith it is impossible to please him. Is this a cultic concept, of cause it is. But Theist are left with no other resource. I have the argument of fulfilled prophecy, it at least convinced me. However such a paper would stand up to scientific scrutiny.But on the flip side, no paper can prove the Multiverse, which has become a tenant by physicist to dispel any prose from creationist.

So why can't you brain-dead creatards just accept that there is no basis in reality for your beliefs because your cult demands it be that way so you believe by faith alone?  Why do you have to waste everyone's time here trying to poke fallacious holes in scientific principals that have absolutely no basis in your epistemology?

If that was the case, why would it not mean that Moses, who according to the text had empirical evidence for God, did not please him?  

I poke holes when unproven postulates are relyed on to debunk all prose from creationist.

And "A wet bird never flies at night." - Jackie Mason

A soul is the part of your being that lives on after you die. It accounts for SOME facet of your personality or being. Proving it as untrue, that every facet of our being is accounted for in biology, means there is no after life.

Not found in the bible however.

The idea of an afterlife is not found in the bible?

What is heaven?

@ Dragoton  Wow a chance to divulge the living Good News of Peace. You must be regenerated out of God in this life. For he that sows is own flesh shall reap corruption. But he that sows the Spirit shall reap eternal life. Easier said than done. Because Roman Christian authorities have martyred the Oracles of God. You will not find them until the appointed time.  Meanwhile you can fast, pray and give to the poor like the Centurion Cornelius.

21 To those outside the law I became as one outside the law (not being outside the law of God but under the law of Christ) that I might win those outside the law

(Someone didn't get the memo. In short, lay off the Christianese.)

P.S. Did you used to be on Christian Singles on myspace a few years ago?   My wife thinks she saw you there back in the day...

It is Nephesh, not Nephresh.  Early Christianity taught full bodily ressurection.  However, I am curious what you do with Moses and Elijah who are chilling with Jesus at the transfiguration at Mt Tabor?  Well I guess you can't count Elijah, because he didn't die in the story, but Moses clearly died.  And you have the problem with the spirit of Samuel being brought up in a demonic seance with the Witch of Endor (no connection to Star Wars).

In the case of Samuel, remember God asked for a volunteer to go out and decieve Samuel and he got one. Before Satan was cast to the earth he and his crew still  met at God's council in the Heavenlies on the affairs of man.  Enoch, seventh from Adam was translated ( in space?, in time? or both, God only knows)


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