I recently wrote a blog where I pulled an article from the UK Telegraph saying that our movement is nothing more than the "least inspiring movement in recent years". 


I am adamant that one of the main reasons for this and other types of negative press out there is because of the billboard campaign by American Atheists. The billboards are inflammatory. They are not thought provoking or lead to thoughtful debate or discussion. They are insulting and I am frustrated that this is how American Atheists think our movement should be perceived and represented. I have wrote to the Chairman of the Board of AA and asked him to reconsider this campaign. Although the idea of the billboard I'm all for, what they say needs to make people say or think "wow, that's great, and it's something I want to check out further".  We need to do better!

What are your thoughts on this? Do we need to write to American Atheists via petition?

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I believe they are merely facts to Atheists but I can see how a Theist would take that as more of an insulting attack than an inspiring point.


I am sure if I thought of this or if I read it someplace but I like the line, "We either evolve outside of myth or we die". I dunno then maybe you can add Think Atheist after it. Hehe, I am bad at sayings almost as bad as I am at with remembering names. It's terrible.

Perfect ad idea, here.

All religious icons wearing labcoats and doing science. Underneath or at the bottom of the picture, use the phrase "How do you think they did it?" And then give a web adress or something.

I think this is the original article you refer to (wouldn't mind seeing your blog btw) -


He is moaning about the British Humanist Association's census-related campaign, and from what I can tell, the BHA are very self-conciously moderate. I doubt he is aware/cares what goes on over the pond.

He's a contrarian for the sake of attention. See him spectacularly missing the point once again here -


You might not be aware of Prof. Brian Cox, but basically he is possessed by the ghost of Carl Sagan, brimming with enthusiasm, and makes the point of mentioning how incredible and significant we are about every, um...ten minutes?


I'd like to add something to the main argument just so i'm not also spectacularly missing the point, but i'm quite conflicted on this issue of 'how hard to push'.  However, I think i'm leaning more towards "no matter how difficult it might be for theists, just be factual/honest".

What do you guys think of these quick mock ups?


love it!
I love them!

I love them (Matthew's examples). Personally speaking, I think most go too far and are offensive to people of faith. I see one of those strong examples of atheist advertising and I think to myself "Of course they make a good point but do they have to do it so rudely?"


I think it stirs up more hate and fear for the word atheist and may possibly be hurting the movement of atheism. But you know how these days bad publicity is sometimes what gets you in the lime light and draws a lot of attention so maybe it can all counter-balance out? I'm just thinking out loud.

I think TamTamPamela would argue otherwise, :)
These are great, Morgan!!! I LOVE them!!!!




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