Over the past several years atheism/free-thinking/rationalism has become more mainstream with many people coming out and proclaiming their lack of belief in a god and their rejection of religious institutions. I personally like this trend, but what is emerging is a number of reactionary anti-theists hungry for a fight with the established religious groups. It starts with name calling, then symbolic legal fights (e.g. removing monuments of the ten commandments from federal buildings), to organizations dedicated to fighting the believers at every opportunity. As time goes on, it gets more and more emotional.

Is all this bickering, fighting, and hating (on both sides) inevitable in order to evolve to a new era without backward religious ideology guiding our society? Is the coming battle just the quickest way to reach this goal? What do you think?

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Yeah, Dustin. I understand Egyptian religion to have promised afterlives only to rulers.

Promising afterlives to the common people was a truly ingenious marketing tactic.

Really though, I don't even think it was 'meant to be' this way - Or that someone 'created' a religion - I think religions randomly popped up, stole from one another - And survival of the fittest - With a bit of Luck on which Kings and Emperors would choose out of the bunch - And that became the dominant religion.  So the religious are truly religious because of Darwinian processes!  The Irony =)

I think it's essential to enshrine the separation of church and state as an inviolable principle of democracy. That means no "In God We Trust" on our money and no religion in public spaces. No Christmas displays, no religious holidays, no private school vouchers for religious schools. Nada. Zero. Zilch. Period.

no "In God We Trust" on our money

Hmm, I just noticed there's enough space (at least on some bills) to overwrite with a Sharpie the D in GOD to make it look more like "GOOD". That might be revolutionary enough if we all did that, yet not cause war. Woohoo, let it sweep the nation!

This should not be mentioned on this website, -->  ;-)

I like that idea.

Peaceful but probably not legal.

True. Like civil disobedience.


I'd be on board with it, but I'd feel a bit stupid if I felt like I was the only one doing it :)

revolution must always start with an idea, get it done :P

lol, then one day when I am given a dollar bill from a cashier at my local Wal Mart with 'God' crossed out, how good I would feel that they are circulating!  

I agree with you. I'm just wondering if that would just be a natural outcome of a majority agreement in the society that a personal god does not exist; meaning that those things are secondary goals instead of primary goals. We could spend a lot of effort getting the words "In god we trust" off of our spare change, but to what effect?

I do believe that it is worth the effort to remove the various religious-based laws and policies that have been enacted by the vocal Christian groups over the last century or so.


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