Hello, everyone. I was an atheist until at the age of 27 I began to study the Bible in order to debunk it. I learned quickly that the Bible was grossly misrepresented by apostate Christendom's adoption of pagan teachings such as the immortal soul from Socrates, the trinity from Plato, the cross from Constantine, hell from Dante and Milton, Easter from Astarte, Christmas from the winter solstice celebrations, and most recently the Rapture from Darby.

Though I have never and will never be a part of organized religion, my beliefs are not entirely dissimilar to that of The Jehovah's Witnesses, due to the removal of the aforementioned pagan influence. I have studied briefly the history of the major world religions, Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Shintoism and Taoism and have published sacred and non-sacred texts from each of these online: The Dhammapada, Four Noble Truths, Paradise Lost, Divine Comedy, Analects Of Confucius, Bhagavad Gita, Qur'an, Pirqe Aboth, Nihongi, Kojiki, Tao Te Ching and Chuang Tzu.

Having been an atheist most of my life and given that nearly everyone I know is atheist, I think I understand and respect where most of you are coming from. I don't believe in "converting" anyone to anything, but I do think the atheist tends to be mislead when it comes to the Bible. Not that that matters much, except for that I do enjoy, given the opportunity, to correct them in thoughtful and polite discussion and debate.

I hope we can have some interesting conversations.

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That's "proto-bird," if you don't mind --

That's perfect but I think DH the Dodo Bird has left the building. :D

Hey D.H. you only got to page 5 before the "fuck you defense", damnit man I was pulling for you to last a bit longer. Sad. :(

4Wikipedia: Year 4 was a common year starting on Wednesday or a leap year starting on Tuesday of the Julian calendar and a leap year starting on Tuesday of the Proleptic Julian calendar.

"You define your mother to me and I will define my God to you."

I have two different definitions of mother. The one is the biological, the person who kept me through gestation and gave birth to me. The other one is the social, the person who acted as my maternal guardian throughout my upbringing. 

Now define your god.

You say there's a God. I ask for evidence. You have none. So I don't believe you. 

That's not denial. I cannot deny your evidence because you haven't provided any.

That is far too easy. Lets say I were a traveler on the open prehistoric grasslands, starving. Cold. Hungry. I stumble upon a dried heaping gob of bovine excrement. There is fuel for my fire for warmth and protection from the snarling beasts prior to the cell phone. Beneath it there is an abundance of creeping creatures to satiate thine hunger.

Knowing that a god is anything mighty in the eyes of the beholder this formerly warmer pile of feces is proclaimed by me to be GOD!

Who the fuck do you think you are to deny that? It is a bit late and beside the point. Not to mention stupid and wrong.

This shit is God.

It is the most amusing difficulty of the atheist to grasp this simple obtuse fact.

I don't believe in Zeus. Zeus is myth. Zeus most probably never existed in any real form. Zeus is a god.

How dumb do you have to be to argue with that?

Well, isn't that painfully obvious.

Do you have a better explanation for it?

By the way. About 6 of my most important posts, threads that I have started have been wasted on this forum. Keep that shit up moderators. Lame.

I expect that 'perfect knowledge', 'wisdom', 'love', 'the holy ghost', and 'the trinity' also... 

I'm a bit disappointed, GM - he started out so strongly, I expected to finally see something, but much like a fallen quiche, once the hot air is gone, the rest is pretty much a flabby mess --

@David Henson

For a guy who has been defending his faith online for 17 years (supposedly) but doesn't know the meaning of the firmament, or of deist, or the fallacy behind the name Jehova - you really have a lot of nerve questioning the intelligence of others.  Given how little you've learned in your claimed history of debating I find it amazing that your literacy level allows you to process more than one post here per day.

So in a grass land environment, there is only one god/pile of shit? Wow this poor fellow is in a really bad neighborhood. I have been in desert environments where there are few animals, but lots of god/dried shit, due to desecation. I never thought to eat the bugs underneigh, I thank you for this new survival option. If I knew that god was so easy to find, I should have started in eastern Oregon. Next time I am in the desert, I shall remember this insightful posting.

I could define Theism as, 'the nonsensical denial of the existence of human intelligence, with its replacement by magical thinking.'

But this could be unfair.  

How about this, James:
"Where knowledge ends, religion begins."
-- Benjamin Disraeli --


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