Hello, everyone. I was an atheist until at the age of 27 I began to study the Bible in order to debunk it. I learned quickly that the Bible was grossly misrepresented by apostate Christendom's adoption of pagan teachings such as the immortal soul from Socrates, the trinity from Plato, the cross from Constantine, hell from Dante and Milton, Easter from Astarte, Christmas from the winter solstice celebrations, and most recently the Rapture from Darby.

Though I have never and will never be a part of organized religion, my beliefs are not entirely dissimilar to that of The Jehovah's Witnesses, due to the removal of the aforementioned pagan influence. I have studied briefly the history of the major world religions, Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Shintoism and Taoism and have published sacred and non-sacred texts from each of these online: The Dhammapada, Four Noble Truths, Paradise Lost, Divine Comedy, Analects Of Confucius, Bhagavad Gita, Qur'an, Pirqe Aboth, Nihongi, Kojiki, Tao Te Ching and Chuang Tzu.

Having been an atheist most of my life and given that nearly everyone I know is atheist, I think I understand and respect where most of you are coming from. I don't believe in "converting" anyone to anything, but I do think the atheist tends to be mislead when it comes to the Bible. Not that that matters much, except for that I do enjoy, given the opportunity, to correct them in thoughtful and polite discussion and debate.

I hope we can have some interesting conversations.

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Wrong David, archaeopteryx.

I'm David L. Henson, and there are many of those as well.

How, easy it must be to be wrong. Being atheist and all.

The Pathway Machine 

That's my site, though I haven't put up any of my old writings yet. Just music, art and videos to start out.

Usually ever 8 weeks we get a new Theist who assumes he must be the first to arrive on this Atheist site and proceed to explain his version of the Bible to us. I can almost hear a hammer blow in their minds when they eventually “get” what we mean by EVIDENCE. Then it is usually a silent retreat. In the past we used to offer them PANCAKES.

I think it was a noble tradition and should be revived for the New Year. What say you all??

After educating myself about the origin of pancakes, I agree completely!

Are you saying Waffles and Muffins have a common ancestor?

Thanks a lot, Robert! Now I'll never be able to eat pancakes again!

Here you go, Arch :)

Nice try, but I can still see Palin's face and that innocuous smile --(shudders)

Now, let me see... 


Budget cuts.


Lift American spirits.

You HAD to show me Palin again - what are you trying to do, put my sex life on permanent hold?!

I agree completely. This should be amusing

He left just in time.  I was just going to call up the local JW chapter and tell them I now see theirs is the one true God and ask them if they would accept a wretched sinner like me.  My hesitation was having to be so well-dressed all the time.Phew!

Good thing you didn't, Diane.  A rejection often offends.....


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