Hello, everyone. I was an atheist until at the age of 27 I began to study the Bible in order to debunk it. I learned quickly that the Bible was grossly misrepresented by apostate Christendom's adoption of pagan teachings such as the immortal soul from Socrates, the trinity from Plato, the cross from Constantine, hell from Dante and Milton, Easter from Astarte, Christmas from the winter solstice celebrations, and most recently the Rapture from Darby.

Though I have never and will never be a part of organized religion, my beliefs are not entirely dissimilar to that of The Jehovah's Witnesses, due to the removal of the aforementioned pagan influence. I have studied briefly the history of the major world religions, Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Shintoism and Taoism and have published sacred and non-sacred texts from each of these online: The Dhammapada, Four Noble Truths, Paradise Lost, Divine Comedy, Analects Of Confucius, Bhagavad Gita, Qur'an, Pirqe Aboth, Nihongi, Kojiki, Tao Te Ching and Chuang Tzu.

Having been an atheist most of my life and given that nearly everyone I know is atheist, I think I understand and respect where most of you are coming from. I don't believe in "converting" anyone to anything, but I do think the atheist tends to be mislead when it comes to the Bible. Not that that matters much, except for that I do enjoy, given the opportunity, to correct them in thoughtful and polite discussion and debate.

I hope we can have some interesting conversations.

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'Asshole Atheists'? Hum. I have much more experience with using the term 'Asshole' in reference to theists, but still think that useage is more mean than helpful.

Why would you desire to post here if it causes you so much pain? Surely your wisdom is so much greater than ours, it must be below you to even share a breath on the same planet as the rest of us. For me, aspiring to wisdom, implies a deeper humility, not a greater vanity. What does the Bible say about vanity and wisdom? Did you miss this all important lesson?  

Blaine, these are essentially the same words as the author of the website, In the Name of Allah:

      Almost all human beings are 'indoctrinated' by their parents, their society and their culture to grow up believing what they have been taught. No human being chooses his or her beliefs at birth. We all, Muhammadans,   Moussawis (Jews),  Christians,   Buddhists, Hindus,  Animists, etc.,  are the end product of our upbringing. None of us ever chose the ideas, beliefs, doctrines and traditions that we hold since we never had any choice in the matter. None of us are 'guilty' of who and what we end up as, whether  Muslims,   Jews, Christians or otherwise.   We are all 'victims' of years of relentless and unremitting 'programming'.
       Belief is not rational. It does not lend itself or tolerate questioning, investigation, modification or contradiction. It is an ALL or NOTHING state of mind. It is totally fixed in Time and Space.


Religion is, in a basic sense, belief. Belief is like choice in that Rush song. "If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice." If you choose not to believe you still have a belief. 

When atheists ask me what if I were born in China, would I be a Buddhist? The same could be asked of them. I was born an atheist in the Bible belt, were my atheist beliefs a product of Mind Control or Inheritance? No. They were a product of ignorance. Had I been born and raised a Christian the answer would be the same. A product of ignorance.

That is why I try, in vain, of course, to educate people on the Bible. Not to make ignorant Christians or Atheists but rather to make informed Christians or Atheists. At least as much as this is possible. 

I didn't realize that that many words could have so little content.

At least you are consistent in your inability to realize.

As consistent as you are in your ability to obfuscate?

If you choose not to believe you still have a belief. 

Non-belief is belief. 

Silence is noise. 

Baldness is hair.

Health is disease.

Darkness is light.

Atheism is religion.

Or that's all nonsense and the absence of something is not really the presence of it.

D.H. said:

"...I was born an atheist in the Bible belt..."

There it is...I knew it...it's the water...the Theists in the mid-west add a pyrone to the drinking supply called T-2 (T-1 was a failure, all it did was cause other Theists to shit their pants (for some reason it didn't work on Atheists.))

T-2 Blocks all the logic circuits in a human brain with an IQ of 89 or less.

:D I am so glad we got to the bottom of that. :)

D.H. just add a quality water filter and you should be fine in a few months.

If you choose not to believe you still have a belief.

I believed that you were incorrect. That is, until I wrote this, and totally confused myself.

This does seem to be a cognitive artifact that developes from 'belief'. For the infected/true believer, the 'belief', that others see/attribute, becomes a 'truth'.

Sadly, that truth is given an excessive degree of confidence/certainty. Holding every idea as suspect, waiting for that wonderful piece of validation, can be unsettling, but believing nuttyness can give atleast a short term degree of stability.

I do wonder how many of us settle for nuttyness, and never find out about our error even on our death beds? Ignorance is bliss?    

That is why I try, in vain, of course, to educate people on the Bible.

Why the bible? Why not the Mahabharata?

Please, explain, and provide tangible, testable evidence, as to why you came to the conclusion that the bible is true, and the other 2799 other god stories are not.

This has been said over and over, to every single theist that comes here to "educate asshole atheists;" the burden of proof is on the believer. You claim extraordinary claims, it is up to you to prove them, not to us to disprove them. If I tell you I can fly, and you should worship my dog's balls, because I can fly, you will want me to demonstrate my flight ability. You will demand real, tangible, testable evidence of my extraordinary claim. Just as we ask from you, and any other theist that happens to pop by to enlighten us on how they perceive the bible with some higher sense (Divine Inspiration?) that other theists don't possess.

And as much as you rail against the notion, you are a theist. You are a Christian. You are not, as some have suggested, a deist. You believe the bible, you are Christian. Just like every Christian, you have your own way to interpret it, so it feels right.

Again, show us real, tangible, testable evidence of why we should believe that the bible story holds any more credibility than all the other god stories in human history, and we will discuss it like adults. Until then, you are, with your 17 years of debating experience, providing the same argument that every other theist does. Your bible is not proof of it's correctness, just like Harry Potter is not proof of Hogwarts.

The ball is, and has always been, in your court. Show us extraordinary evidence for your extraordinary claims.

Thank you, we will wait.

".. to educate people on the Bible. Not to make ignorant Christians or Atheists but rather to make informed Christians or Atheists. At least as much as this is possible. "

Ahh, good the truth comes out and is made clear. How is this working for you? What if your ill informed version of 'truth', is not received, will you resort to tantrums and name calling again.

I am not really interested in returning to your feeding bucket. I spent about 1/4 of my life there, 1/4 too long, and allowed christian bullys way too much slack.


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