I'm new to Think Atheist and wanted to start new discussion to get into the mix.  So here goes...  I'm a baseball fan and during this off-season I was thinking about my team and the irony of it in relation to my atheism.  You see, I'm a LA Angels fan.  I've never really thought of my Angels as literal Angels because they don't have an Angel mascot or anything, but still, that is their name and I found it kind of ironic.  Does anyone else have anything they like that conflicts with their beliefs?  Maybe a San Diego Padres fan :) or band, movie, book, etc

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HAHA I love this.


Well, I suppose my love of the Narnia and LOTR films would be considered a little ironic. I never even realized people compared LOTR to Christianity until college. We had a discussion about it in English and I was like "WHOOOAAA WTF, IT'S ABOUT HOBBITS DUDE." Apparently not!


I like a lot of religious Christmas carols. Not because of the message but because they're nostalgic. A lot of people consider that strange.



Really? I didn't know that, thank you :)

ETA: Oh yeah


I also say "JESUS!" or "JESUS EFFIN CHRIST" or "OHMYGAWD" in every day conversation. My parents hate it when I do it, but whaaaatever.


I also love the religious-based movies, like Dogma and Legion and...um...there's more. You know, The Exorcist and stuff.

As Morgan Ness said, I am also fond of the Narnia films as well as films like Legion, etc. Also, some of my favorite bands have quite religious lead singers (however, the music isn't religious in topic).

As a music lover with almost 13,000 tracks on my ipod, I have a number of songs which have a pro-Jesus or pro-God theme. Actually, my favorite musician of all time became a BAC and Christian rocker in his later years (although my view is that he was probably better off as a cocaine addict.)


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