We're all guilty of it, my self included. We get an idea that gives off such an emotional charge that we begin to lose our scientific objectivity. I believe, (and I'd like to know what you think) that it can be a good thing to be irrational, to work through it, provided that you know and that you inform people that you are being irrational. Usually I can tell when I have an irrational thought, I admit to myself that it has no legs to stand on, but it won't leave my head. And sometimes I like to rant and rave. As long as I openly admit to pursuing an groundless train of thought, how can it be a bad thing to work through it?

Some of the greatest ideas and inventions known to mankind came about purely by accident. It just occurred to somebody, and people agreed. How many of these came from completely groundless, baseless, and irrational streams of nonsense, bubbling up from a person's ego or id, to use the Freudian concept.

It becomes dangerous and immoral to be irrational when you either refuse to admit it, or intentionally try to hide it. Again, I'm guilty of this on occasion. I tend to think a lot. Most of my waking day is spent pondering and attempting to step through one line of reasoning or another. It's one of my favorite things to do. I hit a lot of dead ends, but sometimes I think, "I can get around this, this can work, it's just a matter of figuring out how." I then have to admit to myself that I'm being crazy, but if it's possible, maybe it can work.

What about you? What is your input on being honestly irrational?

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If only there were a backspace key in real life!  Yes I'm guilty of irrational thought, but I've learned to manage a big chunk of it by putting off any reaction I may feel until the following day when my irrationality has settled.

I don't get an irrational idea stuck in my head though - i can park it until I've gathered more information and can see the bigger picture.

Posting here, however, requires studious application of backspace.  I imagine I actually submit my posts about two thirds of the time. The other third, the words end up eaten by the Pacman efforts of my backspace key.

I am very guilty of the backspace like yourself strega. All too often I end up not even posting to avoid what would inevitably be a war of words. There are very learned people here, so much smarter than myself, and being as I don't much keep up with most media outlets, I usually decide to just keep my opinions to myself.

I just backspaced another 4 line paragraph...lol. It was here a minute ago.

hahahahaha I hear you, William!

Perhaps, if you are not in a position to give evidence, or were aware of your own irrationality, a disclaimer could be inserted, and you could be given cart blanch to speculate to your heart's desire. Kinda like seeing a table in a shop with a sign that says, "Junk, no warranties" and customers could just pick through it and possibly find a little gem or two.

Honestly I'm just babbling here just to see myself type, so... no warranties. ;)

Listening to: A Brief History of Time, Stephen Hawking.

It would likely come with a little paperclip that pops up and warns you about stupid sh*t you're about to say, and everyone grows to hate it.

I would get a customised one, of a little Romney popping up

I'd break it the first time it popped up. At least the paperclip was kind of cute, if not entirely useful. That little cartoon paperclip was responsible for several late book reports in my grade school years. ADHD

I just have to walk away. Abandon the conversation, whatever... as long as I can get the situation out of my face, and find my happy place before something bad happens.

Here's the interesting thing, though. The disclaimer makes it okay, as long as you're not insulting anyone. You can let people know that you'll be blowing smoke and mirrors out your butt for this post or the next few, and they can either ignore it without getting emotionally invested in it, or they can pick through it to find the trick.

Some of the greatest ideas and inventions known to mankind came about purely by accident.

One wonders if Einstein's Theory of Relativity may have started as a wild irrational thought.

That said, the creative process is irrational. One doesn't arrive at a masterpiece through a syllogistic process.

I agree. But when facts are in dispute and there is an argument at hand, the last thing we need to be doing is creating stuff. For expression, passion is wonderful. For new ideas, irrationality can spawn marvels. But in debate, irrational thinking and behavior can loose an argument, regardless of the facts presented.

I remember some of the irrational thinking I did when I was a kid. Then puberty happened and some of my irrational thoughts became sex fantasies. They were fun.


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