Isn't "IQ" rather arbitrary and dependent upon which series of tests are taken? How can estimates of the IQs of dead people make any sense if the number itself doesn't mean much.

I turned off the estimated link provided when it claimed that the (small sample) average score for soldiers was 133. As one with access to all records in the Marine Corps office, I'd estimate the average to be closer to 105 - which is close enough to what is considered to be, by definition, the overall population average, right?.

I'd always heard that "genius" was above 160, but then it doesn't make sense that Einstein was 160. He's the paragon of  "genius". I'd have thought that Einstein would be approaching the level of H3xx at 180.

I know what my military test score was (it was called GCT, I think), but what is it a count of? I've just sent an email to Mensa asking what a Mensa score means. I believe membership is Mensa indicates top 2%. But I wonder if there's a number associated with that.

Who knows what IQ means = (outside "Intelligence Quotient")?

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The Flynn Effect shows that on average I.Q.’s have risen by 3% each decade over the last century. This has allowed IQ to be assigned different weights when assessing scores and keeps the average at 100. Basically someone that scored 130 in a test in 1960 would score circa 130 in a test today.

The Mensa test (148 to enter) measures spatial awareness, numeracy, math, logic and language skill amongst others and the test is supervised. Members are considered to be in the top 2% of the population.

Average for soldiers 133. Hah.

An average IQ of 133 would indicate that the government is selecting for intelligence, whereas it's well-known that losers are often sent to the military either to straighten them out or to be an employer of last resort. 

133 simply doesn't make sense and defies logic.

Average, not median. It's also true that IQs can change over time as the person gains knowledge and skill in areas that they were not proficient in during previous tests. It might be interesting to give IQ tests upon entry to basic, then again after they have finished a 4-year stint and compare the results.

That's my major problem! That link posted, I believe by Strega, was informative but that one figure - 133 for soldiers - in my opinion, throws all the other figures into disrepute. As a result, I'm having trouble replacing that information with information I trust.

As Reg's statement that a score of 148 puts one in the top 2%, can I say that meets a common definition of "genius" (strictly in the context of intelligence)? I'm waiting for my (Mensa) score, but I've got to say I would have assumed that Einstein had an IQ well in excess of 160. I've forgotten the statistics I learned in high school, but assuming that 160 puts Einstein in the top 1%, that would mean that there are 3 million Einsteins walking around in America alone. Hardly an exclusive club. If "average" is 100, where are the other half of the population? Are there (even marginally) reliable stats on IQ by state or IQ by country? I'd have difficulty believing that all populations are equal in this regard.

Does anyone outside M3xx know their IQ and are willing to share it?

I found another link to modern famous people's IQs.  I have read several times that Sly Stallone has a 160 IQ, and that is repeated here, if it's of interest..

Regarding Adam Sandler, I'm not sure artistic talent equates to intelligence. For me, intelligence is most evident in rapid, accurate problem solving, and much as I love the arts and practice some arts myself, I don't see much value in being smart rather than talented when it comes to the arts. I would love to see some of his art, though. 

BTW, Tony Bennett is a very good artist.

AND, I'm not in any way saying that artists can't be smart and have high IQ's.

May I direct you towards Stephen Fry? His acting and comedy are directly linked to his intelligence through his love of words. He has such a firm grasp of the English.

When I was tested, lo these many years ago, I was placed in the 180-200 range. I was immediately told not to get cocky.

I have been a member of Mensa for over 25 years. For only 3 of those years (Year 1 and the last 2) have I been an active member. I am going to retake the entrance test to see how my score may have changed. The etiquette of members is not to disclose their actual I.Q. but I am a few points above entry level. My brother is also a member. It is also worth noting that there are other forms of intelligence such as social or artistic flair that are not measured by these tests.  In general I find it more acceptable to disclose my Atheism than my I.Q. Lol.

 It is also worth noting that there are other forms of intelligence such as social or artistic flair that are not measured by these tests. 

Indeed! I'd fare very poorly on tests on those subjects. :D

I'm a musician (of sorts). I arrange 4-part jazz vocals. However I find I have a complete lack of creativity. I could never write good music from scratch. I am in complete awe at people who can create. Where does it COME from?


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