Isn't "IQ" rather arbitrary and dependent upon which series of tests are taken? How can estimates of the IQs of dead people make any sense if the number itself doesn't mean much.

I turned off the estimated link provided when it claimed that the (small sample) average score for soldiers was 133. As one with access to all records in the Marine Corps office, I'd estimate the average to be closer to 105 - which is close enough to what is considered to be, by definition, the overall population average, right?.

I'd always heard that "genius" was above 160, but then it doesn't make sense that Einstein was 160. He's the paragon of  "genius". I'd have thought that Einstein would be approaching the level of H3xx at 180.

I know what my military test score was (it was called GCT, I think), but what is it a count of? I've just sent an email to Mensa asking what a Mensa score means. I believe membership is Mensa indicates top 2%. But I wonder if there's a number associated with that.

Who knows what IQ means = (outside "Intelligence Quotient")?

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I took the ASVAB because my asshat high school counselors told me it would help us figure out what we wanted to do. I liked the problems with gears. I don't remember the feedback being all that enlightening regarding career aptitude. A good waste of time. The folks at the armed forces stalked me for a good three years afterward, so that was fun. Imagine me, in battle, what a joke.

Kairen, if you did well on the test you wouldn't have been in battle. The books on war say that each Army "pawn" in battle requires about 18 in the rear to make the battle possible. I haven't seen any numbers for the Air Force or Navy.

Unless there's an emergency like WW2's Battle of the Bulge. Several years ago a veteran I knew told me he was in a unit training for intelligence work and partway through his training his whole unit were given rifles and sent into the Ardennes. Incidentally, he showed me how to write haiku.

BTW, the ASVAB measurement is a simple percentage based upon other test takers in your age group. If you got a 75, you did better than 75% of the other test takers, usually recruits, ROTC Reserved Officers Training Corps), JROTC (Junior ROTC),and some others like Kairan mentioned.

They measure arithmetic reasoning, math knowledge, word knowledge, and paragraph comprehension.

ASVAB doesn't ring a bell at all - and it would certainly at least sound familiar to someone on my job - (Unit Diary Clerk - the guy who manages all the records in the company and inputs all activities which may affect individuals' records). Again, GCT is, I believe, the name of the test series I took. Perhaps it was different in the Marine Corps. Perhaps I took the tests before ASVAB came into being.

Why is being part of Mensa worth the membership fees? What's the attraction?

Imagine yourself liking classical music (or tennis) and everyone else you know liking C&W (or NASCAR racing).

None, as far as I'm concerned. That's why I never paid dues after my first year. I went to a few meetings and found them to be a waste of time. More recently, as an unpaid member, I was invited to Mensa social evenings - totally unstructured evenings. They were much better.

This is why I took the Mensa test. At my work, a Mensa member "marketed" the test and, at that time, my boss seemed to be going out of his way to make me feel stupid at every opportunity. (The typical result when a company promotes a techie into management is to lose a good techie and gain a piss-poor manager - in general ENTIRELY different mindsets). Anyway, I fingured I could at least demonstrate that I wasn't a dummy. I never expected to gain a membership score, but I did.

BIG MISTAKE! Turns out my boss also took the test and didn't  quality. Things went from bad to WAY WAY worse.

I left Mensa after a few months having gone to a few meetings which I found rather boring. I joined again last year (free offer) after a gap of over 20 years because they have “SIGs” (special interest groups) on some Science subjects that I am interested in. There is also an Atheism SIG that I intend to do some writing for. Membership is very inexpensive.  I don’t bother too much meeting up with other members.


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