The catholic church claims the vatican is a country. Technically it lacks all the features of a nation state including one of the most critical features – extradition treaties. Most people don’t realise that the Vatican is a creation of the fascist dictator Mussolini.

The 1929 Treaty is here.

Mussolini who was raised a catholic gave almost a billion dollars in today’s money of public funds to the church to create the vatican. A billion dollars got Mussolini an endorsement from the church for around a decade. The church got state-like protection indefinitely.

Mussolini was executed 28 April 1945 for his very many crimes against mankind including: the use of chemical weapons, summary executions of both political opponents and prisoners alike and torture.

Although less than a century old, the vatican has harboured criminals and alleged criminals from almost the start. Famously it harboured and aided mobsters to launder their blood money.

It currently hides George Pell who is wanted for questioning regarding his alleged criminal cover up of sex crimes. Untested claims of child molestation have been made against George Pell.

The vatican has no extradition treaties other than with Italy. Is a foreign nation entitled to invade the vatican to bring back a fugitive from justice?

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The Vatican is not a part of the European Union, and even if it applied (which it never will) it would fail most of the "chapters of aquis" which are necesary to fulfil before the member countries can vote on the candidacy passing on to the final stage.

To give you an idea of how different candidates measure up, Turkey, after years of application have only fulfilled one Chapter out of 33/34. Meanwhile Serbia has fulfilled 2 and is about to close 8 more.

The vatican would utterly fail in the following: 

Chapter 5: Public procurement. This involves transparancy, equal treatment and non-discrimination in public services and purchases/contracts. The Vatican is probably the Worst country in the Western world when it comes to transparancy and non-discriminatino. Fail.

Chapter 6 and 9 and 17 and 20: Company law and competition. Hard to have company law when every company is a monopoly.

Chapter 7: Intellectual property law. Considering how good the vatican has been at surpressing the leak of data and even position papers, I'd say they have an intellectual property law de facto, only it's done in the wrong way.

Chapter 8 and 18: Information society and media and statistics. Assuming they have even made statistics on important topics, good luck getting ahold of a non-altered copy (if any copy at all).

Chapter 16: Taxation. An almost non-existant one, that is, internally. Though you could say members of the Vatican bank pinching off some money here and there would be a kind of tax?

Chapter 19: Social employment: Only men at the top and mostly men in general. Almost only Christians. Gay people stay in the closet (unless you are a child raping one). FAIL

Chapter 23 and 24: Justice, freedom and functioning judicial branch. A handful of people make legal decisions behind closed doors. Religious laws in effect. FAIL

Chapter 25: Science and research: Research that benefits no human being except those trying to jam a theological circle into a rational square. FAIL, Also, research on how to cover up past and current systemic immoral behaviour.

Chapter 26: Education. A small, narrow, closed minded irrational epistimological engagement.. FAIL

Chapter 27: Enviroment. I don't remember having seen solar panels on any of the buildings though I might be wrong. In any case, as with most cases, Italy takes care of the cost of this and many other things by proxy.

Chaper 29: Cusoms. A very dubious history of using duty free items, anonymous bank transfers and the equivalent of "diplomatic bags" hints that their customs are likely amongst the worst in the Western world.

Chater 30: External relations. They are very good at befriending brutal regimes, as long as they pass on christian values like "never using condoms".

Chapter 31: Foreign security. The Italians take care of much of this by proxy, but the Swiss guard also protects them...that is...when cardinals and others harass them sexually and try to lure them into bed (which apparantly happens rampantly).

Chapter 32: Financial Control. Dodgy international bank transfers. Money apparantly goes missing quite a lot.

Chapter 33: Financial budgetary provisions. I don't know if the Pope's various gold accesories and jewel encrusted apparal are put down on ballance sheets and what happens when he orders new ones.

Chapter 34: Institutions. As the Vatican is for the most part, entirely undemocratic (in a universal sense) they fail this one without even trying, not to mention that many of their institutions, is just one or two guys making decrees on an ad hoc basis.

Chapter 35: Miscelanious. The Vatican is so utterly entrenched in shady internal practices and trouble-making outside of the Vatican...this chapter would probably be the biggest one, that is, things that come up with the individual country that has to be worked out. The Vatican wouldn't be able to pass this chapter even if it meant all of the priests could get away with systemic child molestation.


Yes, the Vatican is a country, but by the EU standards, it is a failed one. A flawed rotted sad failed state.

The Swiss Guard protects the Vatican from invasions by armed invaders, but not from invasions of privacy it seems.

Many have come forward as having been seduced by, or sexually harassed by, the bishops and other occupants of the Holy See (my Wiener) Club.


looks like the western version of Saudi Arabia

Yes indeed


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