Today I put stuff on Craigslist that is just clutter. Americans are known for being pack rats. You go into my parents house and it's a museum of old crap we call nick-nacks not worth the the time to give away. Oh look a ceramic Kingdome. It was so Iconic that we demoed it built a new one after just 25 years. So why is on my parents bookshelf?
I don't want to live like that. So I sell of just ger rid of anything that sits too long without being used. Today I posted four things on Craigslist. A set of JBL Surround speakers that are still great and look great. A set of Technica Roller blades, a wine making kit for when I wanted to play Jesus (never used it as it was given to us), and ski boots that never fit right. They would squeeze my feet because, as my wife says, I have Fred Flinstone feet. They are my anchors. Between their width and weight I don't even sway when I'm good and drunk.
I had a church contact me saying that they would take any ski equipment. By this point everything was gone. Post something for free on craigslist just for fun. 60 emails an hour later and it doesn't seem like so much fun. But seeing that a Christian youth group wanted them made me say "Fuck no I'm not giving them to you." Good thing it was email and not a return voicemail.
First off, does anyone else feel the same way? Secondly, what's wrong with us that do? Are we so resentful that we can't grow past our differences? Are we so hateful that there is no way we could support someone that might think differently than us? It's a tad on the intolerant side. Is my core that doesn't want religion anywhere near my life fighting with my inner Seattle hippie that wants to just get along with everyone?
What experiences have you had where you weren't treating someone fairly? What do you think about it?

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Please tell me someone else took that stuff and you aren't still hanging onto it just because you didn't want to give it to a church. You were looking to get rid of it, what difference does it make who takes it? What if they didn't tell you they were a church? They only say that because they think it will make people feel good about themselves or something... like they're special.

Would you feel different if some dude just came to pick them up and found out later he used them on a retreat with the church?
No, I would not give anything to a group that advertises themselves as Christian. My treatment at the hands of Christians in my life is unacceptable. Because of that I would never do anything that would promote them or help them draw in more sheep. I don't buy from companies that have the fish displayed, donate to the Boy Scouts, or even give to a homeless person whom says "god bless" on his or her sign.
Your question of "What if they didn't tell you they were a church?"... What if they were NAMBLA members? KKK? PETA? Pick your harmful group, if I know what they are before I make the choice to give them something, then I have an obligation to decide if I want to be associated with them. Ask any politician if this is true.
I would suppose this is the difference between an active atheist and one whom simply does not believe.
I'll gladly donate time to a cause shoulder to shoulder with any people regardless of belief, but I don't donate financially or materialistically to any organization I don't support on ethical/moral grounds.
Sure, I'll work in a soup kitchen that's religiously funded, but I won't buy ingredients for the soup.
My time is in my direct control. I can refuse to do something that goes against my morals.
Currency or goods are no longer in my control once they leave my presence. If they sell the ski equipment and use the proceeds to go towards Intelligent Design funding, I'm partially responsible for Intelligent Design being pushed in public school.
Just my two cents.
Nicely put, Misty. Our time is under much finer control than our resources.
Just to play devil's (god's?) advocate, you could think about it this way: if you donate your time to the church, that frees up cash they don't need to waste on labor, so they can instead put a down payment on the next mega church. Time is money. It doesn't really matter which you give.

Just curious - does the soup kitchen prosthelytize? Or are there really no strings attached to the free soup?

Personally, I don't really have a problem donating or volunteering for a church if it is direct charity and not just to a church slush fund.
Yeah..that was my poorly made point.
Feeding someone that's hungry is important to me as a human. My bowl of soup will not be handed out with the words "you only get to eat if you love god" attached to it.
Digging ditches to lay pipes for clean water is important to me as a human. If the villagers are told "you can only drink here if you believe in Jesus" I can make a stand then and there.
My actions can be modified to fit any situation. Money can't be.
I wouldn't work at a church bake sale or anything that provides finances for the organization, but I've got no problem helping any organization do a little good in the world.

Hope that clears it up.
It wasn't the best wording there on my initial post. Sorry.
Gaytor, it is your stuff and you can give it to whomever you like. Or not. I don't see the harm either way in this case.


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