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I grew up in northern Oakland county in a small town that was littered with churches of every sort. My family was very conservative Baptists. Growing up I was taught that the earth was roughly 6,000 years old and evolution was "just a theory". Then, when I was 21 I took a biology class at a community college and realized what evolution really was and that it was supported by facts. After that I began to read websites and books that exposed the Bibles contradictions and flaws. At this point I slowly began to realize that there was no god, no heaven and no hell. There was only this life and I was going to make the most of it. Since then I have married the man of my dreams and landed a great job.
Welcome to the group! Other than my husband I don't have any atheist friends either.
Lived in Detroit until I was 10. Moved to Ecorse. Attended Catholic school for 5 years and an alter boy for about 3 years. Joined the army in 1961 and stayed for 6 years. Vietnam Vet. Became a non-believer after reading science, history and the bible. My wife is a daughter UCC minister and a sister of another UCC minister, both retired. Now living in East Lansing, Go MSU. Support the Michigan Atheist and was awarded the Outstanding Michigan Atheist for 2007, for financial support for the TV show "Atheist Speak Up".
Welcome to the group!
I live in Vermont, parents are moderately religious Christians, they go to Church, but that's about it. I don't think I ever actually believed in God. However when I was about 13 or so I really started to question that. Came to the decision that there probably is no cosmic ruler of the universe, and then I questioned my parents beliefs. They didn't have any good answers for me, neither did anyone else. From there on the more I learned about the world, the less reason there was to even really consider God existing any more than any other fanciful idea. So here I am now a 20 year old atheist, for the time being I'm somewhat coasting without much plans for the future. I'm looking into taking classes to become a firefighter, and I'm somewhat of a 3d modeling artist, and graphic artist (not really, but I know my way around photoshop and 3d studio Max lol).

Anyways, I'm here enjoying the discussions and chats :]
oops, I didn't know this was for Michigan lol
how did I get here.
I grew up in a small town about 30 minutes north of Lansing. I have since then moved up to Sault Ste Marie and go to college up here at LSSU. I could probably count the number of times i have been to a church service on one hand, and all of the times it wasnt exactly my option to go. None of my family members are very religious. I actually admitted to myself that i was atheist quite recently, but it has been a long time coming.
Hi there! I live in the lonely Upper Peninsula. I've been an atheist for about two years now; I'm now only 17 years old. I was raised Catholic, and the way I became atheist (agnostic at the time) was actually the way many people become atheist: studying religion more! I started going to church more because I thought it would be good for me, and I only got more skeptical! At first, my "rebellion" was more like enragement with Christianity, but now I have calmed down and have been building my atheist foundation ever since. To me, organized religion is a downfall of humanity... I would have to say Christian fundies recieve most of my antipathy. :)

I love learning about the universe and evolution. Getting a better understanding of both topics is a joy for me. I feel comfort in knowing that every human being, every living creature, every star in the universe, is connected. The atoms that compose my body have been in different parts of the universe, fulfilling a different role. We are all connected. :)

I hope to meet some nice people on this website... hopefully I can make some friends! Feel free to add me, or whatever you do on this site (I'm new).
Michigan Tech is a great school, as you already know... I'm from the Escanaba area.
Hi. I grew up in Lansing, was a baptized, auxillary pioneer, jehovah’s witness until my early 20’s. At that time I stumbled upon some … doubts… about whether or not I was in the “one true religion”. I prayed &asked for god to give me a sign. I believed he did because I found a King James bible in the lady’s room one day. That is when I decided to leave the witnesses. I moved on to an apostolic pentacostal church. My first visit to the apostolic church stunned me! There were people speaking in tongues, jumping up and down, hands in the air, dancing, praising god??? The music was gospel and very moving. I was scared to death. But I thought I felt god’s presense. I stayed there for several years. Finally I felt the holy ghost, became baptized, leader of the women’s group, and a Sunday school teacher. Well eventually things didn’t sit well with me there either. I started having doubts again. I also started having anger towards god. i hated him for not showing himself to me and for all these bad things happening in the world. Then 9/11 happened and that was it. I wanted nothing to do with him anymore. I think I researched religion for a full year before it finally hit me that god does not even exist.

You've really been through a lot!

I checked out where Odessa is. You might be interested in CFI MI in the Grand Rapids and Lansing areas and MMAH in Lansing. Lots of interesting activities and friendly, godfree people in both groups.

Hi, I am a High school atheist from Ann Arbor, MI. I am the only atheist in a family of liberal Christians. My parents accept me "somewhat" but it is really my twin sister who understands me the most. I go to a college prep school where 95% of the population is Christian, but I make it through. When I grow up I want to be a Marine Biologist or a Doctor. I joined so I could meet people like me from the same state and discuss important topics or anything.


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