My name is Cato Rigas. Raised Catholic but abandoned that as a teenager. Had a brief stint as a Taoist for a couple years. Atheist and proud. In a loving relationship with a beautiful Shinto girl. Came to this website looking for advice about what to do when she asks me about my atheism. I'll be recording the details of it in my blog, not that I expect anyone to be interested, it'a mainly for my benefit.

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Hi Cato, welcome to ThinkAtheist.

When you say you would like advice about what to do when asked about your atheism, do you expect animosity towards it? Do you think she doesn't understand it or she fears it? Or is it merely curiosity?

I'd say curiosity. She's curious about everything. But she doesn't understand a lot of things. She didn't complete high school on account of her family's situation and she was very sheltered. That isn't to say she isn't bright, but she simply was deprived of scientific literacy. So whenever she has a question, she likes to ask me. Most of the time I can answer it and she understands the ideas behind it. I really just don't want my atheism to rub off on her if she starts asking me questions relevant to religion. This is my problem. Her faith, Shinto, doesn't have the slightest negative effect on her outlook on life. And I actually think that it's nice that she has faith. I'd encourage any doubts she has or maybe even talk to her about atheism if she followed an Abrahamic religion but Shinto rarely takes dogmatic form that Western religions seem to, at least in my experience with her or with other Japanese (who seem to take it far less seriously than she)


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