Hi all:

Just found this place and said, wow! What do you know- home.

My name is Noel, my friends call me Ordy. I'm married and reside in New Jersey. I'm Puerto Rican.

I read R. Dawkins "the God Delusion" and became very interested in shedding the last vestiges of my brainwashed chilhood. I'm much happier today than I was two months ago. My journey to this point in my life has not ever really been a religous one. I've always known that religion was all crap. But I've always held on to the same Bible that I've never looked at for the last 35 years.

Thanks for having me.

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Thanks for the welcome.

Noticed your avatar. I ride too. Wish I could afford a touring bike. I've traveled to Tennessee and Cape Cod, on my softail, but it beats the crap out of my 52 year old bones.

Hey! I'm from Jersey, too =]
The God Delusion is an amazing book. My favorite is Letter To A Christian Nation. You should give it a read!

I hope you continue to become happier both with life and with yourself. I think accepting the things you believe, despite what others think about it, is extremely freeing.

Enjoy the site!
Welcome to the site, Ordy!
Thank you all for the warm welcome.

LOL: "My! aren't there a lot of atheist from New Jersey here!

I grew up in New York City but bought a home in Bergen County. We've been here for the last 12 years. This beats the heck out of the South Bronx.....

"Letter to a Christian Nation".... Was this book written by Richard Dawkins? Anyone read the Christopher Hitchins book?

Letter to a Christian Nation is by Sam Harris.

Several good books (all of which I have read):
The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins
God Is Not Great - Christopher Hitchens
Letter to a Christian Nation - Sam Harris
The End Of Faith - Sam Harris
Breaking The Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon - Daniel Dennett
God: The Failed Hypothesis - Victor J. Stenger
Godless - Dan Barker
50 Reasons People Give for Believing in a God - Guy P. Harrison

And on topics that are not specifically atheist, but are still very interesting:
Darwin's Dangerous Idea - Daniel Dennett
The Greatest Show On Earth - Richard Dawkins
Unweaving The Rainbow - Richard Dawkins
Climbing Mount Improbable - Richard Dawkins
Misquoting Jesus - Bart Ehrman
The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark - Carl Sagan
Pale Blue Dot - Carl Sagan
Atom - Issac Asimov
Welcome! I'm a newbie too, and am very happy to have found this site :)
Welcome! I am also new here, and have so far found the experience to be quite refreshing.


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