36% of Americans believe in UFOs, that is, though most Unidentified Aerial Phenomena are actually explained as such mundane things as misidentified meteorological phenomena, astronomical phenomena, aircraft, and so on, there's ~ 5% that are as yet unexplained and that these unexplained UFOs are machines from somewhere other than Earth.

Have you ever observed a UFO that has never been sufficiently explained? Do you believe that some unexplained UFOs are machines from somewhere other than Earth? If so, why (what are your reasons or arguments for believing so)? What evidence is there to support your belief?

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Gun Monkey Winner.

"Unless they came to say goodbye to a doomed species of gun monkey."

There are 270 million firearms among a population of 311 million people in the United States. That's a lot of gun monkeys. You're not going to get rid of them any time soon.

"And I'm an idiot who only knows he does not want to live with a savage bunch of insane religious fanatics who deny reality and reason."

"I was born here and I dont want anything to do with it."

92% of Americans believe in god(s), that's a broad spectrum from deist to polytheist. 5% of Americans are confirmed atheists.

Evidently Americans want their god(s) and their gun(s).You'll just have to learn to live with the gun monkeys and the believers. Or you can always move to North Korea where atheism is enforced (the only country left where free religious activity no longer exists). And there are only 130 thousand guns among the civilian population in a country of 24 million people.


I own guns, I live in the USA, how many guns do I need to acquire before I can call myself a "Gun Monkey"?

Will I get a plaque for my wall?

Is there a GMA (Gun Monkey Association)?

I am beginning to like the Gun Monkey label, this idea may have legs.

Its all yours.

Run with it.

Just be sure the safety is on.


Hahaha....I loved the comment at the end.

I also like that he racks another round when he stands up...time for round number two...gene pool about to be thinned. :)

Actually the pic I posted above is from a video where someone handed a chimp a loaded full auto AK, the ensuing result is priceless.

Here ya go,

Wow, duffish.

I think something like this happen to me 'once', while building rockets in high school. Atleast I did not trip over the damn thing...LOL

I do not rule out the possibility of a god(s) existing although it is highly improbable and unlikely, especially when one considers what we know about our physical universe and our insatiable desire to live forever. As to UFOs there are many. As Tyson suggested emphasis should be on the "U" part. The universe we reside in is vast and I cannot deny a possibility there being lifeforms elsewhere. Verifiable evidence remains the key concern as it is with the belief in supernatural beings.

WTF is a UUFO Unexplained Unidentified Flying Object?  Isn't that redundant? Isn't an IFO Identified Flying Object also a EFO Explained Flying Object?

Its just from people that want to pretend that they have some official, and legit., standing. Like 10-4, and 'whats your handle, good buddy?'  

Even if a green-glowing disk hummed down to the ground in front of me and some bizarre looking creatures got out and spoke to me of their culture - I would still need to weight the possibility of a psychotic break against the possibility of interstellar visitors selecting me, out of 6 billion people, to contact.  Without strong physical evidence, I would have to check myself into a looney bin for some intensive care.

How does someone having a psychotic break weight the possibility that they're having a psychotic break? :-)

I tend to believe my senses in the first instance. They would have to be reporting something pretty bizarre, something I couldn't explain rationally, before I'd choose to discount them.

Had I been on the flight deck of the Argosy, I'd have believed what I saw - as my friend did. Likewise, had it then been demonstrated to me that I had actually been watching an atmospheric projection, I would believe that. I'm happy to change my opinion when presented with evidence.


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