36% of Americans believe in UFOs, that is, though most Unidentified Aerial Phenomena are actually explained as such mundane things as misidentified meteorological phenomena, astronomical phenomena, aircraft, and so on, there's ~ 5% that are as yet unexplained and that these unexplained UFOs are machines from somewhere other than Earth.

Have you ever observed a UFO that has never been sufficiently explained? Do you believe that some unexplained UFOs are machines from somewhere other than Earth? If so, why (what are your reasons or arguments for believing so)? What evidence is there to support your belief?

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The excerpt agrees with what I knew of the incident (35 years ago) - that the sightings, the plane's radar, and Wellington radar all corroborated each other.

There may have been simultaneous radar and visual sightings at other times, but in the specific sighting you've been referencing-- that of your friend and the film crew aboard the aircraft-- it was not the case. The reports states unambiguously that multiple ground radars did not detect physical objects at the time of the film crew sightings.

I still don't claim to know exactly what all of these sightings were but in terms of probability, it seems much more likely to be a coincidence involving squid boats and radar anomalies than extraterrestrials or something that defies all reasonable explanation.

Thanks for providing this good example. See you on the boards, Mike.

That's not a gorilla it's a bonobo.

Elaborate hoaxes aside, multiple, unrelated people erroneously perceiving the same phenomena simultaneously is a little harder - though not impossible - mirages being a case in point.

Another interesting factoid is that Kaikoura is the home of a pod of humpback whales.

Holy Shit...there were Humpback Whales???

Well that proves it!!!

Whale farts power interstellar space ships...it has to be true because I just read it on the Internet....WOW.

Fish FlingersRuneScape Wiki: Fish Flingers is a members only Distraction and Diversion (D&D) that was released on 23 March 2010 that is based on the Fishing skill.

You might want to try reading a little more carefully. I'm not trying to prove anything.

Wow, just like Star Trek 5? goddd..

GM don't you know that aliens , having mastered interstellar travel , traversing the hard vacuum of light years of space , and miraculously finding our planet , would of course follow a Kiwi cargo plane for fifteen minutes , then return home . Their ways are mysterious . LOL !

The footage actually reminds me of a marketing gimmick from a Ford dealership in the town where I grew up. They had two huge spotlights that traced figure-eights pointing straight up. Depending on the weather they were either beams of light clearly visible in the air, or just round spots whirling around on the clouds.

Yes, now that I think of it, it seems similar to my puppies chasing a car down our road. But maybe the aliens could atleast do something with the plane, if they catch it?


Being a huge Sci Fi nerd I sincerely hope there is life of some type outside of our sphere of observance.

Have any visited our planet? I dont think so but I can not say with a 100% certainty no.

Any civilization advanced enough to travel the expansive and hostile gulfs of space should be able to learn all they need of us from our transmissions. They should not have to visit us.

And if they have studied us I see absolutely no reason why they would want to visit our planet.

I was born here and I dont want anything to do with it.

And I'm an idiot who only knows he does not want to live with a savage bunch of insane religious fanatics who deny reality and reason.

An advanced species peaceful enough to have come together and escape their own isolated piece of the cosmos would have exactly zero interest in contacting us.

Unless they came to say goodbye to a doomed species of gun monkey.

"I was born here and I dont want anything to do with it."

Transference of personal disenchantment to an unknown subject? 

"Unless they came to say goodbye to a doomed species of gun monkey."

Knowing what the future holds for the 'gun monkey', seems to be a claim for infalability. Aliens that 'might' visit, could have just about any motivation for checking us out. I hope for anthropologists, or shaman, we could use a good smuging... 

Every species that has ever existed died out or will at some point in time.

I believe its called mortality.

I apologize if I have offended any gun monkeys.


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