36% of Americans believe in UFOs, that is, though most Unidentified Aerial Phenomena are actually explained as such mundane things as misidentified meteorological phenomena, astronomical phenomena, aircraft, and so on, there's ~ 5% that are as yet unexplained and that these unexplained UFOs are machines from somewhere other than Earth.

Have you ever observed a UFO that has never been sufficiently explained? Do you believe that some unexplained UFOs are machines from somewhere other than Earth? If so, why (what are your reasons or arguments for believing so)? What evidence is there to support your belief?

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Right, then. It seems everyone has a working knowledge of high school physics and Relativity and that the speed of light is the speed limit of the universe.

What I'm curious about is Leslie Kean's book UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record.

Actually, I'm not that curious about the book since I've read it. What I am curious about is: what was Michio Kaku doing promoting this book?

Mmmkayyy...no takers?

What do you think about the following quotations from Michio Kaku?

"You simply cannot dismiss the possibility that some of these UFO sightings are actually sightings from some object created by an advanced civilization, a civilization far out in space, a civilization perhaps millions of years ahead of us in technology."

Meh. It took four and a half billion years for intelligence to evolve on Earth and our greatest technological achievement was to land a few people on the moon. But sure, why the hell not?

"In my mind, there is no question that they're out there. My Career is well established. My texts books are required reading in all the major capitals on planet earth. If you want to become a physist to learn about the unified feild theory--you read my books. Therefore, I'm in a position to say: Yes. Most likely they're out there, perhaps even visted, perhaps on our moon."

There it is! Kaku throws his scientific weight around and then says: "I'm in a position to say: Yes. Most likely they're out there, perhaps even visted, perhaps on our moon." Does this seem like a sober, responsible, scientist to you? Bringing to bear his considerable scientific authority to posit his own personal (non-scientific) opinion?

Sadly, we can play the 'what if' card all day plus some, it does not really help without that little pesky point of 'evidence'. The little 'what if' machine in my head thinks that humans just can't be the height of cognitive evolution, and that if I have learned anything, it appears that 'creativity' can sometimes find exceptions to our most commited 'facts'.

If we are always under the fear of 'standing alone', surely, this can put a damper on checking the other limits to knowledge. I have had my 'wow' moments a few times, but are so far mostly mundane observations or insights. Recently, I had this rather nice insight into blood glucose modeling, after remembering that it should be operating under a homeostasis restrant, with a confined number of control variables.

Building space vehicles that can seeming violate relativistic restraints, seems rather hard at present, but is there a 'work around'? I quess after a few classes in calculus, many of us might know that the direct path to a solution is sometimes not the best. Some funky things might be possible, then here we go, dinner on Europa anyone?

I would like to get off this rock, out of this 'box', and more into the universe, but since being born inside this gravity well, I have only lightly nibbled at the gate....  

"Building space vehicles that can seeming violate relativistic restraints, seems rather hard at present"

There might be life "out there" such as microbes. There may even be intelligent life out there. Heck, cetaceans might have the intellectual capacity for interstellar travel but it would be rather hard to build an interstellar craft when they can't operate a simple tool like a screwdriver with a fin.

Or Life could be extremely rare according to David S. Spiegel and Edwin L. Turner:

"Just because life emerged early on Earth does not mean that this is likely to occur on other Earth-like planets, says a pair of US astrophysicists. The researchers' new mathematical model says that life could just as easily be rare – putting a damper on the excitement surrounding the recent discovery of Earth-like planets orbiting stars other than the Sun."

Link to above quotation and article: http://physicsworld.com/cws/article/news/2011/aug/01/extraterrestri...

Link to Spiegel, Turner paper: http://arxiv.org/abs/1107.3835

The reason I brought up the topic is: shouldn't we be concerned about what's going on in the scientific community these days? That is, with scientists like Kaku throwing their scientific weight around whilst making unscientific statements.


The popularization of science, does not need to be had by excess compromise. I have watched a few of the Kaku videos, and found a sense of the 'ahh maybe, but details' feeling come up. Like he is turning the sciences into some magical tool of human validation and empowerment, but only trying ignite to idiot fringe in the process.

I do love the fancy CGI effects, but science is still not up to the creation of the 'Star Trek/Star Wars' what-if universe. Going planet to planet, without needing to change your socks before you arive a few times, is still not in the cards any time soon. I have atleast one friend that believes that the 'Star Gate' universe is already alive and well, with secret government folks going on great diplomatic trips, sadly, it all seems a lot like TV. We reach for more than we grasp, but a few more human life times still might be available, if we can keep from being stupid... I have my doubts...

"Secret government folks going on great diplomatic trips"

I really enjoy watching conspiracy theory shows like ancient astronauts and such. I just laugh my ass off.

If you've ever been in the military, had family in the military, lived near a military base, then you know it's impossible to keep anything secret.

"Like he is turning the sciences into some magical tool of human validation and empowerment"

Science IS a tool and nothing more (among many tools humans can use to understand the world around them) but some have elevated science to a religion. To these folks it seems it is a "magical tool of human validation and empowerment," but it's really just magical thinking. 

I once suggested, as part of a philosophy program in school, that we create a discussion group to consider some of the beliefs and ideas concerning alien life, UFO's and exobiology. I found no takers.

I have found what appear to be government papers concerning something like this, and in one UFO true-believer tome, even a mention of a military model for an alien invasion. As in many 'invasion' SF films, they seem to make rather clear, that our chances of survival are bleak against an apposing force with the ability of possible interstellar travel and deep space survival.

The classic 'War of the Worlds' theam, with our bacteria saving the planet seems even less likely. Surely an alien race would already know of such things, and have designed counter measures. Again why 'invade' a planet, surely good space engineering might offer better alternatives?   

All fun to think about, but I don't have access to unlimited funds or Buck Rogers technology. My wife mentioned to me once, 'you know we never got our jet backs as promised did we? Hun, I think they are on back order!' We can't afford a Prius either....

What do you think about the following quotations from Michio Kaku?

I think he needs to quit taking himself so seriously.

There are around 2,000 insurance policies sold to Americans every year, taking insurance out against being abducted by aliens.  I would love to see that claim form, with its accompanying proof.

Awesome video

Just as with God, if extraterrestrials are on earth, why the secrecy. There are many explanations posited for why the big news must be kept secret. None of them are plausible to me.

I do, on the other hand, have a connection with one of the better-documented UFO sightings EVER - called

Kaikoura lights. Lots of witnesses - tracked on radar.

My good friend, a TV reporter, was on board the return flight and witnessed and filmed these "vehicles". "So what's up", I asked him the next day after listening to the official explanations (Venus, etc.). All he could say was, "Mike, there was something up there". WTF?

Wow. Your mind is open, isn't it? The people who CLAIM to have seen these MULTIPLE objects on radar were the Wellington Air Traffic Controllers AND the plane's own radar equipment. Perhaps you're not familiar with how radar works. It does NOT register the light from spotlights.

If you say you can explain this with those weak assumptions, you are more guilty of inventing facts to suit your perspective than people who claim to have been abducted.

The film, of course, sucked - except for a few frames that appeared show real shape. Outside of that, they were just dancing lights.

The MAIN evidence is from MANY reliable, level-headed, and trustworthy eye witnesses  - including air traffic controllers. And my friend is no fool.

The fact is that this is one of the most, if not THE most well-document UFO sighting in history. No one (but you) claims to know what they were. I personally have NO trouble labelling this UNEXPLAINED.

Another interesting factoid is that Kaikoura is the home of a pod of humpback whales. The aircraft's path shown in the film, is wrong. The plane was actually flying inland of Kaikoura. The objects were, indeed, recorded as being off the Kaikoura coast, to the plane's right, and the activity of the objects seemed to be centred near where these whales are usually seen. That's my own observation.

The clip above, BTW, was a dramatization made later with real footage inserted. One discrepancy I noticed was when the film, while trying to point out the discrepancies in the Venus explanation, said that the sightings were taken "a half and hour before Venus could have been visible". In fact, Venus is NEVER visible in the middle of the night. 


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