Everyone's favourite subject it seems... well the sex part anyway. I am curious as to people's morals surrounding interspecies sex.


Here is my opinion: Sex is ok between any two (or more) consenting beings. The definition of consenting is important here. I think consenting implies that the being fully understands the meaning and intimacy of sex. Using this definition precludes rape, paedophilia, and beastiality but one problem I have found is sex between other life forms such as between two dogs. One thing that this does allow for is future speciation in humans and also the possibility of extraterrestial life when and if we ever contact it.


What is your opinion?

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Sex between 2 dogs would not even enter the equation.  We do not hold non-sentient life forms to our standards.  Rape and pedophilia also occur in the aniimal kingdom, but we don't attempt to throw those animals into jail for it.  Consent is not an issue among lower caste animals.


Humans, on the other hand, are intelligent and self-aware.  We have the capacity to formulate morals/ethics and know that our actions are wrong based on those morals/ethics (unlike animals).  Animals are not held to any behavioral standards, while we humans are.  As such, interspecies sex could only be considered ethical if it were held between members of two different sentient/sapient species.  Since we are the only such species that we're aware of, it would therefore not be possible at this time.


Forget interspecies sex, we've already done the inter-kingdom horizontal gene transfer mamba! 
Well put, This is essentially what I was trying to say.
I don't think the author had breeding in mind so much as plain old sex.

Regarding the extra-terrestrial sex... There's no reason to assume extra-terrestrials would have the same outlook on sex that we do. Maybe they don't even have "sex" in the way that we know it.
If they turn out to have tentacles, plenty of Japanese will love that

implying that somehow humans would start interbreeding with animals

I was actually thinking more along the lines of other beings who are intelligent enough to understand what sex is to us and feel so inclined to lend a hand/claw/tentacle/whatever. Whether it is morally fine/not fine/weird/whatever... ok weird is basically a given at the moment.


I am aware of the genetic incompatibilites, although at a far more basic level than your explanation.

This makes me think of Kiff (Kip?) from Futurama.
I love how your reply is educational and for lack of a better word "Mature" I really enjoyed reading it.  Thank you

Clearly you've never seen a female cat hump a female dog.


Other species really don't seem to care if they're able to reproduce with each other or not. They're willing to give it a shot.

I've seen it the other way around....couldn't help but laugh.
I've found from growing up in New Hamsha that getting the goat to consent is very difficult.
 "Get it near a cliff so it has to back up...."


A guy from (insert local sheep shagging state/nation/area here- Montana, New Foundland, Wales, New Zealand,) told me that.

Where the men are men and the sheep are nervous...


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