Apparently, this ad has sparked a lot of racist posts on the Youtube, Reddit, and Facebook. 

While not wanting to side with the racists, I do wonder ow long it will take for there to be an ad with a white dad and a black mom, and if there's some subliminal racism going on in this ad and in the fact that one NEVER sees the white man/black woman combination.

Also, you may not be aware that many blacks are very uncomfortable with interracial adoption (where two white parents adopt a black child), despite the fact that there aren't nearly enough black adoptive parents for black orphans.

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Like Strega said--what's the big deal?  I am a white woman married to a black man, and in today's world, which in part is due to the ease of international travel--the world is becoming a "melting pot" so to speak--regardless of the "haters."  The lines separating cultures are becoming increasingly blurred--which will more than likely decrease racism and prejudice, as we become more understanding of one another. 

There is another ad for a resort with a blond woman running through the waves with her black mate and their mixed child--who cares??  Only those with little understanding and thoughts of hatred would give those ads a second thought. 

Cute kid!

Cheerios as heart medicine? Ok. I guess that might work, if you reduce your crap eating of everything else.  The same thing could be said for oatmeal, and sawdust.

Racism? Yes. Exploitation for marriage choices for commercial advertising, YES. Seems to me that the advertisor/Cheerios has done the job getting their cereal at the front of our awareness, sadly it now seems linked to racism. Good call for anti-commercial/Cheerios interests. Will the granola folks take credit? 

The "Black Man/White Woman" combo has always been an attention-grabber, simply because it was taboo for so many years, even centuries, but now, in my opinion, that some degree of equality has been established, it's being WAY overused. I recall from "Star Trek" TNG," blind Geordi LeForge ALWAYS went for the white woman, actually turning down a young black girl who had an interest in him in one episode, and the character of "Burton Guster," in the TV series, "Psyche," though having been married to a black lady in a past episode, is always attracted to the white girls and seems to hold no interest for any other flavor.

This bothers me a bunch, as it sends the message to black women everywhere, "You're not as attractive as a white woman!" and I object to that. Some of the most beautiful women I've seen, have been black or mixed-race.

Re: Star Trek. On the other hand, ST is distinguished for having the first interracial kiss on network TV when Capt. Kirk kissed Lt. Urura.

I agree that it's a shame that black women aren't more viewed as desirable.

Wrong again, UnOne - the first interracial kiss occurred when, on her TV variety show, Dinah Shore kissed Nat "King" Cole on the cheek - but I will agree, that the Kirk/Uhuru (not Urura) kiss was the first interracial mouth-to-mouth kiss.

Unfortunately for the audience, Star Trek had some very serious Network Censors, that forbade the revelation of women's navels, as well as open-mouth, mouth-to-mouth kisses - no tongues!

Racism is still alive and well in the US and the world. The right wing racists can't accept the fact that the culture of the US is changing to more tolerant and diverse crowd.

DUDE You have too look at the response video it LOL

Yeah, that WAS good - why didn't you just embed it?

lol didn't realize it when I posted it

There are parts of me that worry that this is a meta-gambit by the ad company to generate buzz about their product. Probably not, but look out in the future.

Also, I live in a bi-racial family, and I support even minuscule efforts to portray multi-ethnic families in any sort of a "normal" setting. ------With one type of exception, ever notice that all inner city gangs portrayed in the media are incredibly multi-ethnic? It slays me that any time present-time gangs are shown, there is inevitably whites, blacks, latinos, asians, and whatever else they can find from central casting living in harmony as they beat up whatever protagonist shows up in their hood.    


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