Hypothetical situation. Let's say you had some sort of magic gun that when shot with it, the whole of human knowledge and understanding were instantly downloaded into the target's brain. The knowledge and understanding are then continuously updated as more is learned and understood.

What would be the moral course of action?

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I don't  believe  in magic and  I most sincerely don't believe in guns,  but,  if,  the total of the knowledge and understanding of my lifetime experiences were easily transferable to the whole of mankind, in an instant, I would say "Ready, aim, fire!"  Wouldn't you?

I'm glad Im not the only one. Sheep Season would be open.
Do it, why not?

Go on a shooting spree.

To be honest, I'm sure it would screw up somehow. I just don't know how.

I'd shoot myself.

I think to fill someone's brain with the whole of human knowledge and understanding would paralyze him (or her) in a state of confusion, because he would have to see everything from all points of view. Often, reaching a firm position on something involves not seeing it the other way from the other person's interests and values.


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