(Ariel Castro)  was allowed to make a statement and it showed how deranged and sociopathic he is. In a rambling speech that focused mostly on himself, he made excuses for everything he did, refused all responsibility, and even made outrageous claims that the house where he tortured his victims was "normal" and "harmonious."

Castro has invented some kind of sick fantasy world in which the three women he kidnapped, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight, may have been unable to leave his house, but were otherwise fine and content.

"I'm a good person," he told the judge. "I'm not a violent person. There was a lot of harmony in that house."

He went on to say that sex with the victims was mostly consensual and that they asked himfor sex. "As God as my witness, I never tortured these victims, I never beat them," he claimed, despite reams of evidence to the contrary.

From the same source...

In his statement, Castro blamed his "sexual addiction" for his kidnapping of the women -- saying he couldn't control himself any more than an alcoholic could control drinking. He also blamed his "stressful" job as a bus driver. He even blamed the FBI for not questioning him sooner.

In his continued blaming of the victims, he said, "These girls were not virgins and had been with multiple partners before me. I did not prey on these women."

Oh, and he pulled a Ted Bundy, too, blaming his behavior on porn. However, I think most of us realize that we choose the porn that appeals to us. Porn does not create interests that aren't there, at least latently.

Any comments on this man or his sentence of life plus 1000 years?

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I worked in "mental health" for over 40 years.  I never met anyone, no matter how atrocious an act they had committed, that didn't feel fully justified for what they had done.

Oh no...he is a bass player

That kinda looks like Stephen King lol

But none of his relatives and friends really realized there was something fishy about him.

I think some of them said something like "He was a little eccentric, but..."

How many of us are a little eccentric?

In all seriousness, that's precisely it. 

These kind of sociopaths don't see themselves as the wrong doer. It is remarkable. They twist and contort and see everything through a lens made from their own confirmation-bias. They will make it seem like they have been somehow aggrieved and the victim somehow "had it coming" so to speak. The craziest thing about a sociopath is that they sincerely believe they have done nothing wrong. Stephen Pinker goes into depth on this topic in his book The better angels of our nature.

I disagree with the choices he got to avoid death penalty. Going to prison, he will be able to escape. There is no escape from death. I'll even donate a rope for a hanging.

also his excuses are pretty much the same thing as saying "the devil made me do it"

The plea deal was done in deference to the victims. A full trial would have meant the girls would have to testify and undergo possibly brutal cross-examination. He will not be living the life of Riley and he will not be in a position to harm anyone for the rest of his life. 

Granted, executing him would satisfy a sense of justice for a lot of us, but what was best for the girls was what was most important. Clearly, if you've been following things, the girls are getting started on living the rest of their lives without worrying about having to appear in a trial.

Still you're giving him the chance to escape from prison. Once he escapes, he'll do the damage with a big smile on his face then head back to jail. What then? More "sorry" fest parties? Sure they may catch him a few days down the road, but the damage will be done. Putting people like this in prison is not justified.

You make it sound like his escape is some sort of done deal. Believe me, escapes are so rare that when they happen, they make the news. Anyway, subjecting the victims to a potentially brutal cross-examination with the possibility he might get some sort of innocent by reason of insanity is better than just putting him in the slammer and throwing away the key? I don't get your reasoning.


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