I posted this in another place and I don't think I hit the right place.

After the devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma which killed many people including children, one of the statements made by someone being interviewed was that the lord giveth and the lord taketh away.

How could anyone want to believe in such a monster?  

What is the group's take on such statements as this?

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This has to be the most insane of all --

Yes, Oklahoma Truthers Think Obama Used His Anti-Scandal Weather Magic

On Sunday, six days after a furious and deadly tornado, President Obama will reportedly head to Moore, Oklahoma. It took less than 48 hours for the truthers to furiously accuse the White House — perhaps by way of George Soros — of creating the tornado itself. If you thought 9/11 conspiracy theorists were bad, or the Sandy Hook and Boston bombing truthers were reckless, Obama's meteorological manipulation — all to distract a country from three Washington scandals — well, that might be a new level of ridiculous.

"Of course there's weather weapon stuff going on — we had floods in Texas like fifteen years ago, killed thirty-something people in one night. Turned out it was the Air Force," Alex Jones said on his radio show Tuesday afternoon, adding he wasn't sure if a government "weather weapon" was used against Moore. And being "unsure" of something is exactly the way conspiracy theories work:  It allows people like Jones to sow doubt, float an untrue story — in this case, about the government creating a massive tornado — while at the same time giving truthers a loophole to squeeze through, without being held accountable or stating on the record anything they actually do believe. 

The conspiracy theory of the moment goes something like this: The Obama administration is being asked how much they knew about three apparent scandals — Benghazi, the IRS, the Justice Department's double leak investigations — and in order to make Americans think about something else, the administration manipulated the weather and created the mile-wide Moore tornado.

But, obviously, no one in the administration is a mutant who can psionically change weather patterns like Storm of the X-Men. So, yes, the Oklahoma tornado truthers claim the administration whipped up a storm that killed 24 people through HAARP, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, in Alaska.

I must be living in a cocoon.  I have never heard of the "truthers".  Do these nuts actually believe that the government has a weather weapon?  Fruitcakes!

No, "Truthers" share conspiracy theories about the terrorist attacks on 09/11/01. They have a quite large following!

Sorry, Hank, your link doesn't work!

I don't think both statements were made by the same group.

The lord does not existeth

"doth" Ron, "doth" - pretend you're thpeaking with a lithp --

@Bob - Who do you pray to in time of a catastrophe and people die - what is the point after they are dead. Do you feel that god or jesus or mary or one of the myriad of saints, needs a reminder that they could have/should have intervened - or do you think it is a tad too late now, after they are as dead as a mackeral. What is the point of praying in these circumstances. What do you say?

Oh, that's a simple answer. 

When you die, the god sits immediately in judgement to determine if you deserve Heaven because you believe on the name of Jay-EEE-zus, enough to qualify for that reward in most of the xtian cults, or Hell, if you happen not to accept Jay-EEE-zus as your lord and savior. Praying for the dead person in those cults would seem futile, considering that the god has a Divine Plan and presumably where you go would be a part of the plan. Somewhat confused about the role of St. Peter, into whose bailiwick the Pearly Gates fall, and whether he, as gatekeeper, is the one who actually judges you, or perhaps Googles your name on his Divine Plan iPad . . . 

It's confusing!

Ok, back to the benefit of praying for the dead. In some cults, Catholic, for one, (my own former cult) there's an interim place called Purgatory. That's kind of a demi-hell, not an eternal hell, where you go just for a bit of time to be purged of your sins. An example comes to mind: as a teenager, I was walking down the street and spied a pretty girl. Lustful thoughts crept into my mind, involuntarily, and I got a boner. Ok, that's called a Venial sin and would get you, say, a bazillion years in Purgatory for the sin of lustful thoughts. So, after serving my time, I'll still be able to get to Heaven. However, being a typical hormonal youth, I take my boner home and masturbate, while enjoying these lustful thoughts! After an interminable delay of about eight seconds, I have an orgasm, which I thoroughly enjoy. Now that's Mortal Sin, and, sorry, now I'm gonna roast in Hell for all eternity. Actually it's several Mortal Sins; first, the boner, since I'm now enjoying it, and the lustful thoughts, which are fun, and the jerking off itself, and the having an orgasm, and enjoying that! let's see, that's five Mortal Sins, although one is sufficient for Eternal Damnation! 

Or I could miss Mass on Sunday, also a Mortal Sin.

So the point of praying for my Immortal Soul might be efficacious only in cults that feature Purgatory AND if I'm fortunate enough not to have earned Eternal Damnation. It is supposed to shorten my sentence, although how that jibes with the Divine Plan escapes me.

Oh, well the god works in Mysterious Ways

Hope this clears things up!

Or - just a thought here - it could all be bullshit --

At least we can eat the dead mackerel, so they're more useful than dead humans. Unless, of course, we develop a taste for Soylent Green.


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