As a new atheist, I'm interested to see what some non-believers use as their moral foundation.  Coming from a deeply Christian background, my moral fiber was knitted with no sex before marriage, refrain from using the 'Lord's' name in vain, not using foul language, etc.  But I find that I have a very different view on most of these, like sex before marriage; I think that so long as two people are of age to consent and are willing to accept the consequences that may surround sex then go ahead!


So, with that said, what supports your set of morals?  Is there a 'test,' so to speak, that you run through to define what is 'good' and 'moral?'


Please discuss...

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Merlin , You said you  came from a deeply religious background.

How did you shake this view that the only morals were the ones in the bible?

Well, I started to understand what the term morals meant.  As you laid out in your previous comment, you included the definitions of the term, and nowhere is it mentioned that they are or have to be based on religion or any type of religious beliefs.  I'm still kind of a mess when it comes to all of this, but I seem to be making some headway.  I must say though, that reading blogs of other atheist out there like Jen McCreight, PZ Myers, etc.; I see that people can be moral without religion.  Lastly, this site is amazing!  I'm so glad to have found T|A and its community.  It has proven that my stereotype of atheists that was forced upon me is wrong, and that [non-believers] can be just as moral or more moral than religious fanatics.
I am glad you have found someplace to ask questions, and most off view un-edited conversations.  The moral argument is one of the strongest the atheists have. Bronze age rules or a set of commensense guidlines to allow people to gather safely.


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