Something that's really bothered me about Christian religions is their complete acceptance of the idea that we are - all of us - products of incestuous relationships.

In their view, it all started with Adam and Eve.  Fast forward a little over 1,000 years and hit the reset button with Noah, his three sons, and the wives of each.

I just can't get past how sick and twisted that is, and how none of them seem to have a problem with it.  

Am I the only one?

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Thank Zeus! Okay, I feel so much better now; crisis averted!
where "they" say you came from? who is this "they"?
What about the Noah story in general? Two by two? The ship landed eventually, and all these animals (in neat pairs except for the few) just scattered to the far corners of the earth where they belonged with the appropriate amount of genetic material to populate the planet? It is ever so far-fetching in so many ways!
Why do you need glitter in your ketchup?

B. said:
have you guys seen the sparkle ketchup?

I always thought that was weird because it was so obviously plastic in your food!
Dan, Having worked in various service related industries for over 40 years, I've had occasion to get up close and personal with members of the local polygamous clans and households that still proliferate around the Salt Lake valley. And I've seen some of the pathetic results of their zionistic inbreeding.

But the real horror is encountering a belief system that accepts these high levels of genetic birth defects as an acceptable sacrifice to some goddamned test of faith. Meanwhile, they're content to just be allowed to continue peeing in the local gene pool - it doesn't bother them.

So, you don't have to go all the way back to Noah, in order to reflect on the situation. As a relative 'home boy,' I thought you knew that.


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