Something that's really bothered me about Christian religions is their complete acceptance of the idea that we are - all of us - products of incestuous relationships.

In their view, it all started with Adam and Eve.  Fast forward a little over 1,000 years and hit the reset button with Noah, his three sons, and the wives of each.

I just can't get past how sick and twisted that is, and how none of them seem to have a problem with it.  

Am I the only one?

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have you guys seen the sparkle ketchup?

I always thought that was weird because it was so obviously plastic in your food!
What?! Seriously?! I used to do sparkles in nail polish and art projects as a kid, but to actually consume the sparkles? Ew, that's totally like eating plastic.

Green ketchup may not be the superlative evil which I once held it to be; I am afraid--or perhaps relieved--that it has been dethroned by sparkle ketchup.
lol sparkle ketchup is the weirdest by far.

Surprised you can't go for green -- what about green salsa? That's one of my favorites! And if there's green salsa, green ketchup can't be too bizarre
Actually, B., I do like salsa verde. One good thing about Texas is plethora of really good Mexican restaurants, most of which have unbelievable homemade salsas. There is this local place that has a habanero salsa verde that is to die for.

So I'm not sure what my hang-up with green ketchup is! Maybe I'm stuck on tomatoes being red. Although I have always wanted to try fried green tomatoes...
Sparkle ketchup? Now that's just silly. How dare they ruin my ketchup by putting sparkly glitter bits in it? Call out the lynch mob! This travesty cannot be accepted.
Well, at least we can agree on one ketchup travesty! :D Call the kethcup army!
Epic! :)
Though it doesn't fit with the young Earth view, I thought this was pretty interesting.
unsurprising though! I think at least two of us mentioned that happening in this thread.
So does evolution and it's creation apes/monkeys,etc., have you feeling any better about where they say you came from? And ah yes, some tiny goofy creatures in a juicy pool of premordial lick em' slime before that! Yak! Now that is sick and twisted !!!

And Mario we are still on the planet thousands of years later!!!
And ah yes, some tiny goofy creatures in a juicy pool of premordial lick em' slime before that! Yak! Now that is sick and twisted !!!

So you're saying that you would rather have sex with your sister than go swimming in the ocean? Hey, whatever floats your boat.



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