Something that's really bothered me about Christian religions is their complete acceptance of the idea that we are - all of us - products of incestuous relationships.

In their view, it all started with Adam and Eve.  Fast forward a little over 1,000 years and hit the reset button with Noah, his three sons, and the wives of each.

I just can't get past how sick and twisted that is, and how none of them seem to have a problem with it.  

Am I the only one?

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Personally, I'm gonna stick with evolution over incest if for nothing else other than the sake of simplicity.

what do you mean evolution over incest? The two don't contradict each other..
Yes but not for the reasons you think. It's basic biology that nature loves variety. The Bible story is just not going to cut it.
And Mario we are still on the planet thousands of years later!!!

How many years later now?
So I guess it's better to be made from dust then.
Crap! I'm allergic to dust.
It's not a question of feeling better, really. It's a question of facts. Evolution is a proven, demonstrable fact based on evidence gathered through observation.
Thinking about my million dollars in the bank makes me feel better. Does this mean that I have to give it up just because it doesn't actually exist? My night is totally ruined! :(
Have faith, Shine. I'm sure it will be there for your family when you leave this mortal coil. ;o)
Thank Zeus! Okay, I feel so much better now; crisis averted!
where "they" say you came from? who is this "they"?


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