I believe that many people get confused about the term "Atheist." Is an Atheist just a person who doesn't believe in a supreme being or is there more to it? How does one become Atheist? What is it like be in a world that is dominated by religion? Please give me your feedback on this topic. Help me gain insight on the Atheist community so to speak. 

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Freud and infants.

Sadly, for some, they wish to know how we got to 'here'.

Looking back, it feels that for some, it was an easy walk in the park. For others, a vast web of cruel moments, tortured trust, slamed doors, and love betrayed. And then others, a life time of study, moments of insight, and testing of boundaries. I wonder how many of us might consider our destination as an outcome similar to the lives of Old Testiment characters.

Job anyone?   

The letter "A" means "non", the word "theist" means something different to every person who chooses to wear the "Theist" label.

I don't wear the "Atheist" label myself, I'm a self described "Realistic Absolutist" ie. That which is real is true, absolutely true unto itself.

There are no doGs, only doG lovers and they can't be trusted.

Hope that helps.

There are as many type of atheist as there are atheists.

In my own humble opinion, what term means is a person who does not believe in (is not convinced of) the existence of god(s).  I have seen this usage about as frequently as the slightly stronger one, which holds that atheism means belief (conviction) that there is/are no god(s).  It is a small but vital difference.

Many Christians would have you believe that it means someone who believes in god but denies it, or someone who hates god or, in some extreme cases, a Satanist.

just no belief in gods,keep it simple;)


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