So I have a sleight issue. I am an Atheist and my girlfriend is a Catholic (her mom is kind of hardcore). Any time that the issue of religion comes up I can't really say anything without getting the "stop attacking my faith" line out of her. It is really starting to agrivate me because I try to be as respecful as possible, but to no avail. I really do love her and want to resolve this somehow, what do I do?

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Anyone who would give up their dog or cat for a mere romantic relationship is probably a sociopath. Human relationships involve bonds that are easily broken. Your pet will be your friend forever.

Ramen.  I've always said that I like animals more than people. 

Am I being particularly dense this morning? I totally don't get the Ramen reference, unless it's your pet's name. 

It's an FSM reference, with "Ramen" taking the place of the much overused "Amen."

Somehow, saying "Amen" to your statement on an Atheist website seemed disingenuous. :~}


I bet you're sorry you even asked, but this is your chance to grow up a bit and see how adults with some experience under their belts view life and love and decide if it's time for you to mature a little bit.

Not at all! I like having people who have more experience in a particular area of life tell me about it. I find it all helpful.

You really want to talk this one out for sure. When I was married the roles were reversed and I was the one who was the Christian and my husband didn't give a rats ass. It was a HUGE problem until I had to let it go. I wanted him to go to church with me and he never would. When we had our son I wanted it even more and it broke my heart that he didn't care enough about me to go along just to be with ME. It was selfish perhaps, and I was deluded at the time. I've grown and changed a lot since then, and am now an Atheist, but I'm just saying that if you are thinking about marriage, you guys HAVE to be on the same page if not in your belief systems but in how you intend to handle it together. If you have kids and your now wife's family wants to baptize the child what are you going to do? Go along with it? Say no?...You have to decide these kinds of things and REALLY truly think through it BEFORE you get married. Love does not conqueror all my friend. Good luck!

Both of us believe that our kids shouldn't be baptized unless they make that decision later in life, in which case I would be supportive (and my then wife would be too obviously). But we would be together in saying that our kids wont be baptized as children. Thanks for your insight :)


Can you talk about money?

Can you talk about sex?

Will you clean the toilet?

"Will you clean the toilet?"

HA! Will SHE clean the toilet? I've never had a partner who would. They tend to believe the TV commercials, hold their nose, turn away, and squirt in some magic "whitening" liquid. It's always up to me to get down on my hands and knees and scrub it - the ONLY way to get it clean.


Good On You Mike ... : )


do i detect a slight touch of OCD there?

Lol. You couldn't be more wrong. In fact, to even suggest it, I've got to guess that you yourself are a nose-holding toilet cleaner. :-)


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