So I have a sleight issue. I am an Atheist and my girlfriend is a Catholic (her mom is kind of hardcore). Any time that the issue of religion comes up I can't really say anything without getting the "stop attacking my faith" line out of her. It is really starting to agrivate me because I try to be as respecful as possible, but to no avail. I really do love her and want to resolve this somehow, what do I do?

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We have just bought a new toilet as the old one was leaking.  I can't tell you how pleasant it is to be able to announce I'm going to church.

I can't tell you how pleasant it is to be able to announce I'm going to church.

That is just awesome.

Now I could make a donation at THAT church.


Church - Easy Clean & Change

That could be a slogan promoting confession.

I want one lol

It's funny how many people seem to think poop and pee are radioactive. Having changed the diapers of several different babies (my daughter and all 3 of my grandchildren), I know otherwise. 


Sam - See how quickly this post just turned to poop -

Relationships can end up the same just as quickly - Take heed

A bit harsh, Angela, when you consider who actually introduced the toilet theme to this thread...


Oh ... That wasn't harsh ... Not one little bit.

Lol I always find if funny to see a thread go from one topic to another. I know that it can do that. When I was younger I dated a Jehovah's Witness (don't ask me why, I have no good reason) for 6 months and that one was just weird. It ended due to her religion (thank goodness for that one). Anyway I don't know of a relationship that turned downhill faster than that one lol
I am curious if many Atheists are attracted to Catholics and Christians. Many people commenting (thank you all by the way) seem to be in long term relationships with religious people. It seems interesting to me :)


Hi Sam

I'm wondering if a lot of the time people talk about 'their religion" in terms of  their baptism and not so much what they practice.

I could say that I am Greek Orthodox because thats how im baptized but I dont practice it.

I get on well with religious people because in the end we all want the same things. We all want peace.  I had a great conversation in the street today with a man who was carrying a really nice stained glass window. It had some religious icons on it and that got me talking and asking questions. He identified himsef as a Christian an I an atheist and we had a really good chat.  Its just the hardcore ones I have a problem with and Im sure that you have a problem with them ones too, so we are pretty much the same. We should be helping each other really and not arguing about 2000 year old rules.


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