In need of an believer to atheist "conversion kit"'

I was a Christian for 37 years and am now an atheist for the past 4-5 months.  My wife is an open minded Christian.  I believe she is only holding on because of the way family will react. 

She has agreed to consider my point of view via the following:

1 - she will read 1 short book

2 - she will watch one video

She has also agreed to read a paper written by myself covering why I no longer believe.

I am mulling my options.  I was thinking of having her read "Letter to a Christian Nation" by Sam Harris and having her watch a lecture given by Bart Ehrman on the Bible's errancy.

So give 'em to me!  What are your suggestions as to what to have her consider.




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I was deep in the Charismatic Movement when the news about the mass suicide of the Jim Jone's cult hit the nation.  I guarantee you that every church had the same sermon the Sunday after:

"Isn't it great that we're following the Holy Spirit and not some demon like those poor people."

It was one of the crucial factors leading to my split with Christianity.


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