In need of an believer to atheist "conversion kit"'

I was a Christian for 37 years and am now an atheist for the past 4-5 months.  My wife is an open minded Christian.  I believe she is only holding on because of the way family will react. 

She has agreed to consider my point of view via the following:

1 - she will read 1 short book

2 - she will watch one video

She has also agreed to read a paper written by myself covering why I no longer believe.

I am mulling my options.  I was thinking of having her read "Letter to a Christian Nation" by Sam Harris and having her watch a lecture given by Bart Ehrman on the Bible's errancy.

So give 'em to me!  What are your suggestions as to what to have her consider.




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Tell her to read the bible, word for word, cover to cover.


Or, better yet, just read Deuteronomy and save some time.

Thanks.  I love the God Delusion.  Game changer :)

The video on Youtube titled "the god delusion" was actually produced under the name "Root of All Evil?" and broadcast in a bunch of different countries (but not the US).  It really doesn't resemble the book all that closely.  I wouldn't consider it something to use to try to convince people religion is bogus.  It is more intended to convince people that religion is harmful.  I would imagine that a religious person watching it would say "Yeah, but that's those fake religions like Islam, and the really wacko god squadders they are talking about, not MY church."  If that happens in your wife's case, it will have missed the mark.

Don't get me wrong; it's a marvelous video, I highly recommend it--just not for this particular purpose!  It's aimed at people who are already atheist or nearly so.  The *book* (which really is called "The God Delusion") would be a better choice I think, but still not ideal for "deconverting."

In other words, the "God Delusion" video (Root of All Evil) shouldn't be part of a "conversion" or deconversion tool kit.

I don't know what you mean by "short" but I recommend "god is not great" by Christopher Hitchens.  

I really appreciate the suggestion.  That is a great read.

Is short, Hitchens hooks you in the reading that it's impossible to know how much the time has passed.

Bertrand Russell- Why I Am Not A Christian: And Other Essays On Religion And Related Subjects

I would say you have a big problem on your hands, the reality of the situation is the proving of a God or not. In certain situations some people can interact with unknown intelligence from outer space, which then in actual fact  is seen as a potent war weapon to all in the pursuit of power;  It would be safer for her to keep praying to the many gods available ready to take her money. 

Captain Kingsway:  "In certain situations some people can interact with unknown intelligence from outer space"

Do you really mean what you are saying?

If so, you're a damn fool.

Ehrman is a great choice.  Especially since he is not a Mythologist...with all due respect, they are an encroachment of one field onto another.  If you try to take a Christian from the point they accept atheism clear to the conclusion that Jesus did not exist at all then you will fail.  You might want to consider Johnathan Kirsch's Gods Against the Gods:  The History of the War Between Monotheism Against Polytheism

And, even though it is not a short book by any definition, I would suggest Alan Segal's:  Life After Death:  The history of the Afterlife in Western Religion.

Most Christians are simply not aware that modern theology has already disproven and repudiated their immature assumptions.  The gap is not so much as Christianity V Darwin as it is between what is known by the top scholars in the field as opposed to what is actually taught from the pulpits of the churches.  You have to get them past the current opinions based largely on the fundamentalism created in the early 20th Century and what is really known to be true by the top theologians and historians.

There's an old least old to me...that a Christian who goes through seminary comes out an agnostic.


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