In Loving Memory of our friend, Suzanne Olsen-Hyde

I am saddened at the passing of our dear friend. I did not know her as well as some of you here. I hope that she would smile at this. I wanted to do something to honor her. Writing a poem didn't seem like enough. So I am starting this discussion for anyone in mourning who would like to share something about her life, or a memory you have of her. She was a strong woman. She was the first woman to reach out to me on TA when I was still a Christian and was getting pummelled for my ignorance, and she was the first person to tell me to have some self-confidence!!!!

So please share as much or as little as you wish. May she rest in peace....

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Yeah, I would check the forum before getting ready for work and was always happy the see she had fired off 4 or 5 posts. I related to her thoughts, especially concerning the holy roman church. I had the same felling something was missing. Also, I hope Strega is OK.

Strega  has been very quiet. I too hope she is Ok

I see that Strega's last post was about 2 and a half months ago. I hope she's just busy and that it isn't something bad.

Strega's alive and well.

She had my was well earned.  Thank you Suz...I'm better for having crossed you path.

This is terribly sad. I didn't know Suzanne very well but by the sounds of it she was an amazing woman. 

I have read all your WONDERFUL comments up to today, and they have precipitated a flood of tears of sadness and deep appreciation. I can't write much more due to this overwhelming emotion, but, I will once my equilibrium has returned. I will share her video and photo slideshow once I finish them, again, this task will have to wait until the aforementioned equilibrium has resurfaced.

She would be ABSOLUTELY THRILLED to read these comments - anyone have a link that could get them all to her? God's email perhaps?

I have almost (April 11, would have been our anniversary) 28 years of (mainly) exquisite memories of this remarkable lady.

I will have to go now as my keyboard is wet and my mascara is running (aussie humour).

Greg Olson-Hyde

RE: "God's email perhaps?"

Greg, you know better than that - a remark like that would get you a day in the dumpster, and I have it on good authority, that there's one located just at the bottom of your apartment stairs. You're on the honor system now, so go ahead, climb in --

How are you holding up, my friend? Let's hoist a pint to zebras, wherever they may be.

Thanks to Bella and Archaeopteryx - Combining both of them, I get a hug AND a pint - what more could a man ask?

Sorry to hear of the news.  My condolences to Greg, friends, and family.  Looks like she will be missed far and wide.

I am very sadden by her passing.

With loving memories of “Suzanne Olsen-Hyde”,,
I was honored to be a friend with her,,
I had a few chat with her..
I wish if we had much more chat!
We all gonna miss her..

Friends are the pillars on your porch.
Sometimes they hold you up, sometimes they lean on you, and sometimes it's just enough to know that they are standing by.

Please accept my condolences,


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