In Loving Memory of our friend, Suzanne Olsen-Hyde

I am saddened at the passing of our dear friend. I did not know her as well as some of you here. I hope that she would smile at this. I wanted to do something to honor her. Writing a poem didn't seem like enough. So I am starting this discussion for anyone in mourning who would like to share something about her life, or a memory you have of her. She was a strong woman. She was the first woman to reach out to me on TA when I was still a Christian and was getting pummelled for my ignorance, and she was the first person to tell me to have some self-confidence!!!!

So please share as much or as little as you wish. May she rest in peace....

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Suzanne left a positive mark on your life.  That's a very beautiful legacy. 

I have always liked her comments, they were very insightful and funny. She was one of the first members i could recognize instantly, more by her profile photo than anything else, but once i noticed it, i knew it was worth a read.

I didn't know she was sick. Could i get any details Rose?

Esophageal cancer - she was given three months in October, she lasted six, a scrapper to the end. She dealt with it as she lived her life - head-on - and with Greg, her life-companion of 26 years, planned her own wake, creating a video to be played at it for her friends and loved ones.

I did inform Greg that you had begun the topic, given him the link, and invited him to view it - I'm sure that things like that aren't especially high on his list of priorities.

I miss being here too, Belle, but I won't use Suzanne's memorial to discuss the particulars of that.

Good-bye forever, Suzanne Olsen-Hyde, unique in the majesty of life.



Your Pattern,

Emerged from out of our Ignorance,

Into our Awareness,

You Shared your Unique Order and Presence,

Showing us One more Perception of the Universe,

Through its Eyes.

I think the Stars are well Pleased,

As Your Pattern returns to the Great Well.


I will miss her.

The last unicorn is gone, she will not be forgotten.

..well said.

I know I wrote what I thought would be the first reply but apparently got distracted and didn't save it. What I said was that I had a vague feeling lately that someone (other than archaeopteryx) was missing, but couldn't put my finger on who that might be. Now that I know, I'm sad. She was missed even before she passed away.

Yeah, I would check the forum before getting ready for work and was always happy the see she had fired off 4 or 5 posts. I related to her thoughts, especially concerning the holy roman church. I had the same felling something was missing. Also, I hope Strega is OK.


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