I give you the baby jesus. I gotta wonder how many artists may have been secret atheists.

I mean look at this kid. No wonder Joe says he had nothing to do with it. Opinions?



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I don't know, I'f that's joe in the second pic, he looks a bit rough to be making judgements.  That said, it wouldn't surprise me if he had nothing to do with it.  I'm guessing the 'immaculate conception' cover story was to explain some highly promiscuous activity in a time and place that would have met it with a good old stoning.

Probably right. You would hope the savior would at least be " legit ". Nobody wants "John the Baptist" to be followed by "Jesus the Bastard". Makes me wonder exactly what sort of DNA Jesus really had and the mechanics of the so called virgin birth. Sperms descending from heaven in tiny parachutes. Good thing the remains have never been uncovered. They probably made certain of that.

Picture one has a face only a mother could love and 3 looks like a freak show contestant. Is that a Hieronymus Bosch work?

I see why you ask Reg, not really sure but this one below is by Hieronymus Bosch

It creeps me out when European art begins to approach realism yet still follows the convention (or limitation) of depicting babies and children as shrunken adults. The first and last painting have shrunken adult baby syndrome going on...but I've never seen an artist give a baby abs as in the first painting. Who thought that was a good idea? Terrifying. 

Looking at his penis in the first painting, we know why he never got laid or had any kids.


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