Contrary to popular belief...the phrase "In god we trust" has not always been on our paper currency. True it has appeared on coins since the mid-1800s, but it was not officially adopted until 1957. Nor did it appear on ANY paper currency until then. The motto was adopted in 1957 to directly oppose the "Atheist Communists of Russia." That's it. They were "atheist" so we had to be DEVOUTLY christian.

Now to get to my point. 


The constitution, which is the DE FACTO rule book of our country, SPECIFICALLY says that religion has NO role in government and that NO religion is to be put above all others. OK so it doesn't say those EXACT words but it does clearly state the separation of  church and state. 

Doesn't adopting the phrase "in god we trust" as the official motto of the USA blatantly spit in the face of freedom and separation of church and state?? It is completely wrong and the cold war has been done for over 20 years. Why is it still there? I know, I know...most of the US is "christian", but everybody always says "Well the constitution says..yadda yadda yadda..." WELL IT ALSO SAYS YOU RELIGIOUS FREAKS DON'T BELONG IN MY GOVERNMENT. Very clearly I might add...

To end this discussion..I would like your input about this disrespect to our constitution and what, if anything, you are doing about it. I personally sharpie out the motto on all of my paper money. It's illegal. It's wrong.

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