Here is my absolutely not totally serious proposal.  What if belief is a subsection of one of the higher dimensions, which is made up of what I call "the collective", or more or less an infinite bottling station for universal ideas and behavioral archetypes.  The entity in this dimension is like a multi-head hydra, or perhaps a collection of marbles.  When a person is indoctrinated into a belief system, he or she channels into this dimension, and typically one aspect of this entity is shown to the believer based on the belief system.  "God" might be one face of the hydra.  Allah might be another.  The Hindu pantheon might be another.  Sometimes a majority of one and shards of another might show itself to a believer(especially applicable if you pick the marbles analogy).  Atheists will naturally be denied access to this dimension.  Perhaps we're allowed access to an even higher information dimension in which the value of belief and the existence of this entity is zero.


My scenario establishes some marked problems though.  The first is that it relies heavily on the idea of the existence of a religion gene, or certainly the idea that the "penchant" for belief is a biological adaption, and the gene is the "key code" for the channeling process into this pocket dimension.  I don't acknowledge the existence of a religion gene at all.  If this were true, how did I go from being a believer(while simultaneously dismissing religion's dogmatic influences) to being an atheist?  If there is a believer gene, that gene should still be there.  Did I "cork the bottle"?  The second is that it doesn't address the element of exclusivity, the idea that one religion is right and all the others are wrong.  Because in this scenario, they're ALL right, even atheism!  If somebody can claim "I'm right" and another can claim "I'm right" and both be correct, where does "you're wrong" come from?


And yes.  This is a totally silly non-essay.  My attempt at rationalizing superstition within the scope of M theory.  Debate at your own risk.

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Yikes.  And I'm waiting for somebody to come along and ask "Who created the bottle?"


To all those "turtles all the way down" types--just die, fuckers.  I refuse to deal with such densitude.  XD


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