Unfettered or even unchanged immigration policy to the US vs more aggressive vetting.

My personal preference would be a "Constitutional Test" if you will.

Persons must be certainly screened, but also required to put the American ideal of Freedom and not pushing their beliefs on others over any religious or philosophical belief.

I see no reason to allow folks into the US that refuse to respect others person freedoms or being allowed to use the American Constitution to further their agenda.

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I think the whole point of the American Constitution is that it allows individual citizens to promote any ideas or agendas that they want, unfettered by the government.

Freedom isn't freedom if only the people we agree with are free.

agreed as long as it doesnt infringe on anothers rights correct?

What about letting folks in the country that place their god above the constitution when it infringes on others freedoms. 

I am pretty certain you can't become a US citizen without a "constitutional test" but I am not so sure about legal alien status without such a test.

@DiRector Bob:

"Freedom isn't freedom if only the people we agree with are free."

Finally after all this time something I can agree with.

Sounds reasonable, although (e.g.) I wouldn't make them promise to never burn a flag or a bible.

Flag, Bible, Koran burning etc is and should always be protected speech. (as long as it it their and not someone else's property)

@Da Pope:

"I wouldn't make them promise to never burn a flag or a bible."

Why not start with a big bonfire of flags and holy books to get all the anger out and start fresh.

After all nationalism and religion is the driving force behind all this hatred to begin with.

Greg you seem a little angry about something.....

If burning  a flag or two and a couple bibles will help,,,,,,,,,

I say have at it....

All we need and have ever needed is comprehensive immigration reform. It's PAINFULLY simple!

Agreed but only disagree or the "simple part"

Many Many people refuse to discuss and compromise on anything. 

This leads to gridlock and do nothing our leaders know all to well.

My country 'Merca' started a war in another country, killed many and caused the injuries of many others, so 'Merca' is responsible for that suffering and for the refugees.

It's time to provide help to those who suffer from the actions of our leaders (remember the American system put ALL those morons in power).  The responsibility for cleaning up the mess our Country made is OURS!

There is NO DIFFERENCE between people who kill the innocent, no matter their ideology.  Our killing started as a reaction to the tragic act of 911.  We have yet to drop one bomb or launch one missile against Saudi Arabia (the home of those who attack us because of political connections).

I'd have flatten a few buildings in SA rather then invade Iraq and Afghanistan.  That would have been more to the point.

Instead we have caused the mess we see in the Middle East.

I say; "My Fellow Americans it's time we stopped being Royal Dicks, turned over a new leaf and started repairing the damage we have caused to the World because of our anger and arrogance."

It's time to apologize and spend some of our great wealth and help those poor devils out.

As a born and raised True Blue American I am sickened by the mess we have made.

I have the courage to recognize when we have committed a sacrilege against ourselves and others   To apologize for our actions and  put forth efforts to correct the mess we have left in our tracks, we act more and more like the Old Soviet Union every day.

Power corrupts, Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely.

From my Hippie Friends in the 60's  "Make Peace Not War!"

Wait, when the Saudis took down the twin towers, attacking Afghanistan and Iraq to get revenge was inappropriate?

Next you'll say asking the one country most likely to shelter Bin Laden, to prevent him from getting to that country, was a mistake too?

As a true blooded 'merican, I must disagree due to the Christian principle of scapegoating.

One must love thine enemies...and not hurt them.

And, we can kill others, so their deaths can atone for the sins of the transgressors.

Jesus taught us these principles, so you know they are right.

So, of COURSE we must love the Saudis, and scapegoat sacrifice the Afghans and Iraqis...its the Christian thing to do.

And, 'merica was founded as a Christian nation, it says so right in the Magna Carta John Hancock and Abe Lincoln signed making it official.

So, if we sacrifice a goat, does the goat gets its blood back?

NO...so shut the eff up about the innocents we sacrificed getting anything back too, it would be unchristian, and, un a 'merican.

They died for the sins of the Saudis, and, we instead, revere them for their sacrifice.

We do NOT tarnish their sacrifice with filthy lucre or medical supplies or unholy water or unkosher food, no, we allow it to stand as a proud symbol of what 'merica can be when GREAT.


TJ  put down the Crack Pipe, you seem to have gotten some tainted product.


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