I'm trying to remember all the 'gods' that died and then came back three days later...

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Zeitgeist list 'em. Go into it like 17 minutes & keep watchin' till you see the list.
After reading this review on the accuracies of Zeitgeist, I've tried to do some other reading and digging. I'm finding some of the claims to be inaccurate. So I'm trying to be careful in just citing it.

(Thanks MikeTheInfidel for posting that link.)
Attis and Dionysus were resurrected, but not 'three days later;' they died every winter and were resurrected every spring.

Krishna and Mithra are sometimes attributed with resurrection even though official mythologies do not credit them with resurrection.

I know I've seen a list somewhere of the several that came back after three days, but can't seem to it right now.
Inanna, a Sumerian goddess from about 6000 years ago; (via):

Inanna and Jesus both travel to a big city, where they are arrested by soldiers, put on trial, convicted, sentenced to death, stripped of their clothes, tortured, hung up on a stake, and die. And then, after 3 days, they are resurrected from the dead.

Now there are, to be sure, a number of significant differences between the stories. For one thing, one story is about a goddess and the other is about a divine man. But this is a specific pattern, a mythic template. When you are dealing with the question of whether these things actually happened, you have to deal with the fact that there is a mythic template here.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that there wasn’t a real person, Jesus, who was crucified, but rather that, if there was, the story about it is structured and embellished in accordance with a pattern that was very ancient and widespread.


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